Lost my mojo update


Many thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to my original post and thanks for your encouragement.

You'll be pleased to know that I went out earlier tonight and did quite well.

I ran 5k in 36mins which is a personal best and also an 11min mile, also a P.B.

I was pleased with both.

I can say that my mojo seems to be back; let's hope that it's here to stay!

8 Replies

  • Kerching! Well done x :-)

  • Yay!

  • Great news! Thanks for letting us know.

    Hope you keep it up. You know you want to....

  • Great stuff!!

  • That's brill! Welcome back Mojo! :-)

  • Yippeeeeee! See, we told you so (cue smug smile). Well done on your times and I look forward to hearing about your next foray into the big beyond :D

  • Good on you!

  • Great stuff!!!!

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