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I just ran a 5k in Edinburgh marathon!

It feels so good you'd think I've just ran the whole marathon! And I did it in 36.3 minutes which I think is impressive for a not- spring chicken-anymore like me!! And I raised nearly £200 for Scottish Association for Mental Health. Now the challenge is to keep running. Half an hour twice a week is my target so hope I keep going. I started Ct05 to keep healthy and decided to fund-raise to give me a focus to keep going. So, for those just starting out, planning a race might be a good source of motivation. Good luck and keep running! x

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Well done you!


Well done, not a bad time at all ! Happy running ! Stick at it...


Well done Iyetome, great run and loadsa money raised too, excellent x :-)


Congratulations That was the very first race I did last year and still remember the buzz Arthur seat is quite a hill but views from top make climb worthwhile Am just about to do Edinburgh HM and rain forecast


Thanks. Good luck with the race today! From 5k last year to HM this year is amazing! enjoy.xx


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