6months after starting I ran a half marathon!

I only came online to tell you all that you're AMAZING and you should keep going! I used to HATE the IDEA of running - never did any exercise really - but started couch to 5k in March and after struggling with the first few weeks just got into the swing of it. Yesterday (23 Aug) I ran a half marathon (21k) in 2hr10min and raised over £400 for charity. Really enjoyed it, feel so good about myself and am so glad I started the journey! Keep going!!!

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  • Hey Marvellous, that's absolutely Marvellous !

    Well done on your fantastic achievements , that is seriously impressive stuff !

    Just shows you what the first few, tentative steps can lead to , you should be very very proud of yourself, youre amazing ! :-) xxx

  • Wow - that's impressive - both on the distance and the fundraising. A huge well done

  • That truly is awesome, well done!! I don't mind admitting I'm a tad jealous. Just done my third week one run, and as its taken 3 weeks to do I feel years away from what you've achieved! That being said, I would love one day to do a half or even full marathon, so I choose to feel inspired!! Thank you, and once again, well done!!

  • Bloomin' Brilliant! Well done M!!! It is an amazing program and I think one of the most inspiring things is how some of the super-duper graduates keep us updated with how their life has changed for the better since graduating. Happy Running :D

  • Wow, that is absolutely fantastic, congratulations, what an awesome achievement.

  • Fantastic! I graduated 2 days before Christmas last year and my HM is in two week time, who'd of though it when we first started out, amazing :D

  • Excellent! I know - I would NEVER have thought myself capable of it. Good luck with yours Lovefood! Where is it?

  • Newcastle, just a small one called the Great North Run ;) who'd of thought I'd be running in the same race as Mo! I'm sure still some point the nerves are going to kick in! :)

  • Wow, fancy that ! Mo running in the same race ! Ive got Cain Dongle from Emmerdale running in the same one as me ha ha :-D xxx

  • Woah! Exciting stuff! I'm sure the crowds will really keep you going :) In terms of nerves... Er... I would say try and make sure you get to the loo before the race... *blush* I'm a bit naughty because I hate stopping for water or carrying anything, so have never taken water with me on a single run... But on the day of the race I had a cup thrust at me near the end... My body went "ooh!" and got a little excited... Needless to say I laughed my wet patch off and told my friends afterwards the run had "taken a little more out of me than I expected" !!! :) so just do whatever it is you usually do - you'll be great !

  • I'll be joining the massive queues for the loos that's for sure (I got gifted a teeny bladder!) I did try a 10mile run without water and I think it was ok only I got trapped wind and realised on my next run water helps me burp so I need it for comfort not for hydration :S running doesn't lead to acceptable conversation does it ;) glad you could laugh your mishap off, think I would have laughed with you on that one :)

  • Thanks so much all! In case any Londoners are interested, it was a nice easy flat run along the west bit of the Thames, I'd definitely recommend the route - or bits of it - just for your own fun. Details here hermesrunning.com/ But anyway I had lots of fun just preparing for it, always good to have a goal to keep you going, whatever it is. Enjoy yourselves :)

  • That's absolutely brilliant! Well done you, amazing fund raising too! Such lovely route, I love Syon Park. Thanks for posting, a big inspiration to those of us just beginning our journey.

  • That's absolutely brilliant! Well done you, amazing fund raising too! Such lovely route, I love Syon Park. Thanks for posting, a big inspiration to those of us just beginning our journey.

  • Woohoo! Way to go!!! That's some progress you made. It shows that there is a HM in us and we just have to get out there and look for it.

    I think I'm going to. Anyone else?

  • BRILLIANT! What a journey over 6 months... that's an amazing time for a HM (it's a long way isn't it?) and a great amount raised for charity... I bet you're still smiling! :)


  • That is amazing and a great amount raised for charity! Congratulations and great to hear how much you enjoyed it and the training

  • Wow! How fantastic. You should be really proud of yourself! Marvellous indeed!

  • A half marathon amazing!!! That's so

    Inspirational and such a good amount for charity. You must be so proud of yourself !

  • Huge well done and congratulations!

  • Wow, a half marathon is an amazing achievement! You're an inspiration.

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