Graduation Day

With an alien woohoo!! sound coming from me (really, is that you?!!!), I completed week 9, run 3.

I have coped with snow, ice, fog, wind, mud, puddles, embarrassment, shyness, secrecy, leaden legs, aches, headaches, and nausea, but today of all days it had to rain! The very second the five minute warm up was complete, it started to chuck it down. By half way, the wind had picked up so much and the rain was lashing at me, I could only just hear Laura say 'stay calm'. I couldn't hear what else she said. STAY CALM!!! Well madam, it's all very well for you to say stay calm, but you aren't here trying to stay on this wild hillside! Let alone run! I swear at one point the side of my neck froze, all feeling left and I tried vainly to hold my gloved hand up for some protection. (Make a note please, get one of those buff things...)

Oh, and then, blow me, I pass another runner! Are we mad?? I've seen her once before (on the one spring like day we've had so far). But today was special. She called out 'hello', and I said 'good morning'! It was special because today is my graduation day, and it was the fact that we were doing something that was truly ridiculous in hideous weather, and the moment of empathy was magical!

Then, in the last 5 minutes, I spot two people walking ahead of me. All snuggled up in their cosy waterproofs, walking boots and hats. And then!.......I start to catch them up!...... ...............and then!..............they move aside so I can pass!...................and then!.....................I OVERTAKE them!!..................blimey.............I really must be a runner!

With thanks to all out there who have encouraged me, made me laugh and shared their experiences. I couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks also to my doggie, my running partner, who has looked after me. Her 'which way now?', 'can't you go any faster?', 'oh, is it time to go home already?' faces have never failed to entertain me.

This has changed my life, hope it changes yours.


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  • I loved reading this blog. Graduating on a windy and wet day is a great achievement. A nice reward for you and your doggie methinks!

  • Glad you liked the blog! Thanks!

  • If your going to do, do it in style! It's like the old saying "if it ain't raining, it ain't training"

    Congrats on graduating in appalling conditions! Now get the badge applied for and join the green box brigade :-)

  • Thanks, have applied for badge, but hasn't arrived yet!

  • Congratulations on your graduation! It's a great feeling, isn't it? :) And overtaking some one is fab :D

  • Yes, I feel great! So chuffed!

  • Congratulations Petal.. Im one run behind you, so hopefully tomorrow I too will be celebrating. Loved reading your blogs, you have inspired me along the way.. whats your plans now.. how will you cope without the lovely Laura?

    Enjoy your graduation, you (and your dog) deserve it x

  • Thanks Margo. Made it at last! Good luck with your run 3. xx

  • Absolutely fantastic Petal to run AND graduate in such awful weather, you are a star!! :)

    Yes believe it - you really are a runner but we all knew that before; you didnt need to overtake anyone to convince us, only maybe yourself me thinks! ;)

    Hope you and you doggy now go and celebrate and revel in the glow of such a wonderful achievement! Enjoy and welcome to the Grad Club!! :D

    Sue x

  • Thanks for your thoughts! Going to have a glass of vino tonight!

  • Way to go Petal, I am so happy for you :-)) Hope you treated yourself when you got home to a nice hot shower and put the fire on full kilter after that lot you went through :-)) Get yourself a little reward of something this weekend to say well done to yourself - oh, and doggie too!. Have a wonderful weekend - Karen x

  • Thanks Karen. I was soaked when I got back to the car, and very cold by the time I got home. Feel I deserve all sorts of treats now, I worked very hard to get this far! xx

  • What a wonderful blog, very many congratulations! I take my hat off to the winter graduates on C25K, you deserve every congratulation after this winter! Happy running.... :-)

  • Thanks very much. Glad I did it in winter though, I could keep my hat (my disguise) on, even to the very last!

  • Woohoo! Great job! Thanks for sharing. It encourages us!

  • Thanks toegloves. Just read a bit about you. What are kettlebells by the way?? Glad to encourage anybody willing to listen!

  • Congratulations Graduate!!!! :-) I will tip a glass of vino in your honor tonight! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle! Enjoyed my large glass of vino last night!

  • Well done, Petal! So happy to read your graduation blog - my, that was a run to remember for a long time! Glad your dear doggie enjoyed it all too.

    At the very least, you deserve a buff in celebration!

    Especially well done for having the satisfaction of overtaking walkers (rather than the opposite, which is what happened on my grad run, which was memorable, and quite funny, but not quite such convincing evidence that I was officially a runner!)

  • Thanks greenlegs, and especially for your 'chill' advice, it really helped at the time, and I use it all the time now!

  • I frequently need to remind myself too! Does work though, doesn't it! :)

  • Amazing and inspirational - congratulations!

    Grat blog as well, hopefully from now on it'll be running in sunshine and flowers. Literally or metaphorically would be nice :P

  • Thanks Bilby. Yes, lets hope for some sun soon! Good luck with the rest of your c25k.

  • Not much sunshine this morning! I hadn't heard a forecast, so several inches of snow was a bit of a surprise, even though I'd seen loads of other people said they'd got deep snow yesterday. I don't think I'll be aiming for speed work today, after all! More like seeing-if-I-can-stay-upright work!

    Hope you're still glowing with that I've just graduated feeling. :)

  • Congratulations, enjoyed reading that. Great feeling isn't it.

  • Yes, it's a great feeling. I'll remember that last run for ever!

  • Awww.. at "This has changed my life" point I felt good. It almost made me cry.

    You're great! And congrats on your graduation, you must be so proud of yourself!

  • Hi Gregg. I've just watched your video after your 20 min run. Wow, I know just how you were feeling, it was great! Keep going, it is definitely worth it. I've just been on my first post grad run, I am truly hooked on running, and I think you are too!

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