Couch to 5K

Graduation Day!!

It's taken 14 weeks instead of 9. 3 weeks out of action due to a bad knee, a week of recovery runs after that and another disturbed week when my little boy had an operation.

But...I've graduated!! :D

Finished week 9 this morning and with 3 new records on my Garmin. Longest run of 4.01Km, fastest KM in 6:36 and fastest mile in 11:(something - I can't remember lol).

I was really pleased to hit the 4Km mark. Having run 3.75Km on Tuesday it was a little goal to try and get to 4 today. Even more pleased because one again last night was a night of very little sleep thanks to a little boy who won't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time (love him and his brother to bits though).

Have got to say a big thanks to everyone on this site for all the support and encouragement. Especially in the early days when I crocked my knee. Special thanks to Belinda, useitorloseit and hydrogirl.

Next step is to build up to 5Km, and reduce my time, so that I feel up to entering a parkrun.

Now where is that exclusive, graduates only, members bar?

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Congratulations, Peter! You've done amazing, despite troubles along the way. Well done!

Never mind the bar, it's the secret handshake you really want to know about...


super welld one peter :D a great acheivement for you :D remeber one sock rolled down to get in , the drinks are on you :D


Congratulations Peter! now the real running adventure begins!


Oh Peter that's fantastic - and after a busy night as well. You are a hero! Big hugs (and little squeezes to your boys as well!). xxx


Thanks all. It's fair to say I'm pretty knackered now lol

Do like the look of that graduate badge though :)


Great achievement Peter !! You've done fantastically well. Sounds like you've got a good plan for your post-grad running. Go for it !


Congratulations Peter. That badge looks great!


Congratulations! Xx


Wooooohoooooo, well done you.... Yippppeeeeee that's amazing you finally got your behind into the graduation club yeeehaaaaa.

All that hard work paid off.

I will have to stock up the exclusive members bar as it's empty after my graduation run. I'm still drunk ;-) hicccccuuupppp opps

Again well done my lovely. Now onto getting to that parkrun ;-) come on hurry up ;-)


Briliant !!! Enjoy all your future runs!! :-)


Well done! I'll be joining you in the bar tomorrow!!


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