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Graduation Day

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my Graduation Eve post last night.

Well, I've only gone and done it!

Completed the program this morning....and feel flippin' fantastic!

Wore my special new top and despite my usual feelongs at about 12 minutes know the ones "I'm never going to do this, god i feel sick ,can't breath, my legs feel really heavy,etc." decided I WAS going to do it and plastered a grin on my face and thoroughly enjoyed myself!!!

All the dogwalkers, motorists and pedestrians were all clearly thinking "runners are nutters" and I think they are largely right!

I know it's been said many times before and much more eloquently than I could ever express it, but I honestly couldn't have done it without all the support on this site.

Also, have Kept going through difficult runs by remembering some of the advice and laughs given thanks's to new podcasts in May!!!!

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Well done gypsydepp!! you are now officially a running nutter!! but hey, youre in great company!!



Well done on graduating.

I bet you have the hugest smile on your face, and that'll stay for a long time. What you have achieved is brilliant, be proud, you're now a runner :)



Find a way to celebrate your success :-)

And what are your plans after 52CK? Will you keep the same pattern of 3 runs a week? Please advise.

I've just completed week 6 and I find your post indeed very encouraging :-)


Hi mandragora

Have decided to do week 9 two more times.

Then i am going to do one run a week for 30 minutes: one run a week doing intervals(probably week 2 and 3 but faster on the run parts) and one run a week increasing the time so say 33 minutes, 36 minutes 40 minutes. Then the new podcasts from laura and her chums! Hope that makes sense x


congrats to you its a great feeling isnt it , i graduated this morning too :)


Congratulations !!

It's great to get home from work and read that you've made it!

Let us know what you do next so that we can keep up with the support :)


Congratulations gypsydepp, nothing quite like that feeling is there?




Congratulations Gypsydepp , feels great dont it? see you got your badge already lol (shock horror) ;-)


Congratulations Gypsydepp, that is fantastic. Hope you have some sort of celebration. :)


Huge congratulations Gypsydepp! That is fantastic :-) I'm still grinning from graduating!


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