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Last night I had the most vivid dream. There were a few of us getting ready to start the 2016 Winter run. In the dream I could run like a gazelle and I felt so free and relaxed. I woke up and I actually felt like my endorphins had been released and that all the benefits of running where there. It was a great dream

Especially as I have been ill since Friday. I gave had a kidney infection and it's taken two different sort of antibiotics to get to the bottom of it.

I am on the mend now and need to get moving. My arthritis is kicking up a storm and I am hobbling like a 100 year old when I get out of my chair. I think the dream was my brains way of telling me I'm ready. I will go for a walk on the flat today and build up slowly to a little jog in Saturday.

The dream reminded me I must look out for the Winter run 2016 sign up and post a link on here as it was so much fun watching it, and meeting up with everyone this year. I am really looking forward to taking part next year.

Happy running everyone.

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That dream sounds so lovely...and I am so sorry you are still poorly, but your brain is looking after you by giving you pleasant dreams :) I don't often dream but I did last night. I dreamt my manager gave me a pay rise... I hope both of our dreams come true :)

I will definitely be doing the winter run next year, it was so good to meet up with you all...someone else will have to cheer us on and bring cake :)


Thank you. I will keep my fingers crossed for your impending pay rise. I will work at getting my husband to bring cake for the end. I'm sure he will.


What is the winter run?


Feb 2nd this year some of our runners met up to do this run. I went along with cake for support. They had a early sign up for a couple of weeks after the race and I think there about 10 of us planning on running it next year. I will post the link when they open the event again. It was a great day, cold to start with but the runners soon warmed up and the atmosphere was fantastic.


Ah yes jyst googled it. 31st January 2016. Sounds interesting and would be nice to meet people. I might pre-register and see whether I can get there on a Sunday morning.


Wow, what a dream. I sometimes dream about running, but it's more "oooh, I must find the time to run x km on Saturday, oooh, I hope I won't be too tired to go out running tomorrow" rather than the nice and pleasant dream you had.

Glad to hear you're on the mend. It's a royal pain to be ill. But hopefully the gentle walk today and the jog on Saturday will soon see you running as a gazelle again :)


Aw RFC - sorry to hear that you are having a bad time of it. I've had one or two running dreams like that. It's so lovely to wake up feeling good without having to have put the effort in!

Take care of yourself my dear.


I have running dreams too ! My favourite is running near the sea, I don't want to wake up ha ha :-)

I do hope you are feeling better now RFC, you have been through the mill lately ,but some fresh air and a walk sounds a great idea and is good for the soul

Take care xxx


Hope you feel much better soon. I dreamed about running when I had a few days break due to lurgy last week - it must really be under our skin!

The winter run looks exciting. I can't run 5K yet (!!) but that would be something great to work towards...


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