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Running hopes for 2016

I started c25k back in May so I have been on this new running journey for 7 months. I have just worked out that I have only actually run for 3 out of the 7 months due to injury or illness. I sprained my ankle which put me out for 10 weeks. I restarted the programme in July and graduated in October. I ran for a few weeks, then I had a virus that lingered for about 6 weeks. Finally I returned to running but started to get terrible stiffness in my leg ( the same leg I sprained). Anyway I visited the physiotherapist who was great and gave me some exercises and a run/walk programme to get my leg operating like a leg rather than a plank of wood. Thankfully I am on the mend at last!

So my wish for 2016 is to be injury free so I can run for 30 mins 2 or 3 times a week. That will do me for now,then who knows? It really hasn't been an easy start but I am determined to improve as the benefits of running are so worth it. Love this forum and thanks for everyone's support and advice. happy New Year! 😊

So what are you wishing for this year from a running perspective?

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Started about the same time as you but have not had the problems, only a few minor aches.. And the pros have far outweighed the cons... Good luck for the New Year..


That is great that you have been injury free! Enjoy your running in 2016.


I think good stretching is a must after a run to prevent injuries, which I've always done.. Would also advise a limberup & a very light stretch before and usually do warmup walk as well..

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Good luck, my hope is to from 5k to 10k!


That's brilliant..hope it all goes well for you this year.


HI there,

Sorry to hear about your injuries.Hopefully this year will be better for you.

Well my plans for next 6 months us to complete phase 2 of running that will comoist of 100 work outside each of 5k ...3 to 4 times per week let's see...

I completed phase 1 with same output. ..

Happy New Year to you....





Thank you Sanj, I'm hoping 2016 will see me make better progress with running. Hope you achieve all you have set out to do.keep running! 😊


For all my fellow runners

I want to share this with all...what I learnt over last 11 months is 5 min of walk with 5 5.5km per hour, 2 min of stretching before and after 5know runsmade me comfortable running for last 23 weeks 4 times a week injury free there is no loss time.....I completed 95 workouts each of 5km....we all can do it the other thing I learnt is its not running that heart your knee but the way you run....two basic things....

1.take small strides whike running than long ones maybe 75 stride per min is good enough

2. While running your center of gravity of upper part of body should be forward than lower part this puts less pressure in knees....

I am still learning. .please let me know if you have any other information

Good luck with your running for this year....




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