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No running for me again! Sick of feeling rubbish!

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I’m feeling really sorry for myself at the moment - I had a horrible head cold and sinus pain about 3 weeks ago where I had to cancel my first 10k event (it did end up being cancelled due to icy weather). I haven’t been feeling up to doing my park runs each Saturday. I was meant to do a virtual 10k with my friends but my son was off school feeling poorly. I started to feel a bit better last week and tried a 5k last Tuesday with my club then a park run Saturday but then started to feel rubbish again yesterday. I have a horrible tickly hacking cough. 🙄 I’m meant to be taking part in a charity run tomorrow morning but again I don’t feel well enough to do it. It’s really getting to me that I can’t get out for a run and I know they’ll wait until I’m feeling better and I should count myself lucky I have no injury but how long will this continue? 😢 I can’t seem to shift it. Feeling so frustrated!

36 Replies
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Oh my.. come on in and join the rest of us sinusitis..Covid coughs colds wind weather, sick family and everything in between!All you can ride this out...look after yourself..stay warm , stay hydrated eat well and rest..

Honey and lemon for the cough..and a few gentle chair exercises to keep it all moving.

It will pass...and yes..the runs will be there xx

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss, I’m spending my time keeping warm and drawing to pass the time. Honey and lemon on the go too 👍🏻😉

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I hope that simply by writing this post you'll be feeling a bit better, as I know that's often how it works for me.As Oldfloss says there seem to be a load of these nasty colds with coughs and sinus problems around at the moment. I know my son had one and it lasted a good couple of weeks.

It really is best to rest up until you're feeling better, which I know it's very frustrating but you know really it's the sensible option.

You will get back and it'll feel amazing when you do.

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to dijep

I wouldn’t mind if I’d had my virus for a couple of weeks and then got over it but it’s back with a vengeance again, I feel this house is just full of germs 🦠 gross! I’m disinfecting everything in sight. Yes I’m definitely waiting until I’m fully feeling better before I attempt my next run. Thanks ☺️

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Sending masses of sympathy your way. You’ve been really unlucky and that must be really frustrating. Patience is a really hard skill to practice! Hopefully you’ve got some nice Christmas treats to lift the spirits a little. Thinking of you ❤️

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to MissUnderstanding

thank you MissUnderstanding 🤗 yes I’m keeping busy drawing and eating lots of choc 🙈

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Trust me , I understand this completely!I have had sinus problems since Nov 27th , (this time around) clears up then comes back again .

I certainly do not feel fit to run with the constant headaches.

Hopefully we will be out there again soon 🤞

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to Instructor57

I think I’ve been lulled into thinking since I started running that I’m stronger and my immune system would be better but I keep getting floored by this thing. I hope you feel better soon and let’s hope we are fit and healthy again soon.

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Sending you love and support. I've been telling myself that the running gods have decided that we need to learn patience. Our first 10k's were both cancelled and I haven't been able to run since then either. By the time the icy conditions had gone we had a few days left before Christmas and no time to run then I caught flu (not COVID thankfully). I'm no where near feeling well enough to run, can't even manage a walk with the dog at the moment so there's nothing we can do but practice patience and be kind to ourselves. ♥️🤗

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to M0use

You are definitely right M0use about being patient, I’m sorry to hear you’ve not been well either, has anyone escaped these horrid viruses? I think for us newbie runners it’s hard to have such a long break from running as we don’t want to be right back to square one when we’ve come so far this year. I feel that 10k run (that we both thought was a fluke) is a distant memory and will I ever get back to that distance again - yes I will but with some patience - hope you’re feeling better soon 🤗

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M0useGraduate in reply to Dendev75

I know what you mean, I've been thinking a lot about that over the past few days, as a new runner I've felt a bit panicky if I go more than 2 or 3 days without a run. I get scared that I'll lose all those fabulous mental benefits, that feeling that if I can run I can cope with whatever life throws at me. Now we have no choice but to wait with patience until we are fit again and hopefully prove to ourselves in the process that we are strong enough. In the meantime I intend to rest and be kind to myself and not allow my mental gremlins to take over. We'll be back running again soon I know and although we may have some ground to make up we won't be back to square one because this time we know we can do it because we've done it before. ☺️

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to M0use

That’s exactly why I run, not the fitness but the mental health benefits - I’m not even feeling up to doing my usual yoga or weights workout which would usually help. Yes we’ve done it before and we’ll be back to running 10k again soon 🙏🏻 🏃🏽‍♀️

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It’s all been said, but wishing you a happy healthy start to the New Year after such a rough time. … looking forward to “seeing” your first 2023 run whenever it happens & it will… posted here! 🏃‍♀️ 🎶🤩

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to Annieapple

Thanks Annieapple 🤗 let’s hope it’s pretty soon.

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Lots of sympathy from me too Dendev, you're not alone. I've had one of these mega colds since the beginning of Dec and now have the usual sinusitis on top - so like you am thoroughly fed up with feeling poorly. Althought I'm reasonably confident I'll feel significantly better by 3rd Jan as that's when I go back to work 😂

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to Liono

Sorry to hear you’ve not escaped these horrible bugs Liono and yes I agree - we’l probably be fit and healthy ready to return to work 🙈

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There’s a lot of it about D75. Take it easy - no sense in running with lungs full of mush.

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to HeavyFoot

🤣lungs full of mush - made me laugh 😆

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I do hope you shake it off soon, it’s miserable to feel ill on repeat loop.

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to JeremiahObadiah

Thank you, I was really looking forward to plenty of running while I’m off work but it’s not to be.

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Good luck getting back to running Dendev75!

Received wisdom is “This too shall pass”: it can be difficult to accept I know, but is of course true.

The only thing stopping you is the bugs because we all know your motivation is excellent, and there’s no controlling all the bugs that could potentially hit any one of us. Your fitness will only take a little knock because it stands for a two week break then drops little by little beyond that. You’re just going to have to trust that you have put the work in and your body will remember it when you need it after illness. I, for one, am looking forward to hearing about your first run back! 👍🏼😄

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to DocEmmett

Thanks DocEmmett you’re right and I know I must and will listen to my body and start back really slow. I knew when I did Parkrun on Saturday morning that I wasn’t back to previous fitness and decided to take it really slow; I struggled and now I know why; the dreaded bugs were waiting for me again!

I literally cannot wait until I feel better as I’m so keen to get out there and just slowly enjoy getting back to it 👍🏻🤗

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DocEmmettGraduate in reply to Dendev75

Hey, how’s it going Dendev75?

I hope you’re feeling rather better now and looking forward to a full recovery, minimising risk of injuries, and building your running progress in 2023.

Best Wishes, DocEmmett 😁.

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to DocEmmett

Hey there DocEmmett thanks for checking in on me ☺️ I’m still taking it really slow - I managed a 3k run on Friday then a 4k run on Saturday - that’s all I could manage but felt okay. I was going to go to running club last night but felt a bit drained again so just listening to my body and doing what I feel I’ve got the energy for. Hoping to get to park run this Saturday but I’ll see how I am.

How are you getting on? 🙂

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DocEmmettGraduate in reply to Dendev75

That all sounds like good self-management where you’re gauging it well, well done! 👍🏼 No point pushing too much and being set back.

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DocEmmettGraduate in reply to Dendev75

Missed the last bit 😁: I completed Ju-Ju’s Magic Plan (Time Version) on Christmas Eve so I chose to consolidate that with nine weeks of 30/30/60 minutes runs per week. I seem to need to consolidate after stepping up my running and a block of nine weeks suits what I’ve done previously with nine weeks of Couch to 5K then nine weeks of post-C25K consolidation then eight weeks of Ju-Ju’s Magic Plan (Time Version). I’ll consolidate then get to Ju-Ju’s Magic Plan (Distance Version) to get my running to 10K, though strictly speaking I could go straight to it without consolidation if I wished to. I have added in some gym work on strength and flexibility and that, along with the other activities I do, adds to my feeling the need to consolidate.

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to DocEmmett

That’s great to hear you’ve completed the magic plan. I loved it and might start it again as it’s been so long since I completed it - I like having a plan to work towards. Wow consolidating with a 60 minute run in there each week is amazing, well done!

I think I just tried running for 10k not long after running for 60 mins and I just really took it slowly but it was great as I could really run far so I was seeing a new route which kept it interesting. Good luck with your journey and let us know when you hit your 10k (which will be very soon) 😉

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DocEmmettGraduate in reply to Dendev75

Thanks 🙏Dendev75. Like you, I really need a plan, even if it's just a consolidation one doing the same every week for a few weeks, so it starts and it ends and has some structure to it and I can see myself growing stronger as a runner within it. Thanks for the reminder to shake up routes to keep it interesting, I needed that. Best of luck with yours.

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Being ill or injured and unable to run is one those frustrations that hit us sometimes. Some years ago I got sidelined with knee and ankle injuries (stupidly self inflicted, please don't ask, it was well documented here). For months I was feeling sorry for myself (and was paying a physio to fix me). I then simply repeated C25K, progressed to marathon running and never looked back. With throat/lung issues we also need to be very careful and patient. But the point is, it will pass and you'll get back to running, don't worry too much. Once it's gone you'll forget all about it. 👍😀

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to mrrun

Thanks mrrun when I’m feeling better I’m not going to rush out for a run this time as I know it has set me back, I’ll get out for walks first and build back up - but I know I have lots of lovely runs to look forward to 😉

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Hi Dendev, I spent all of December in a similar state, it's miserable isn't it!

I don't know if you've had covid, but I felt that same crushing tiredness after the cold that I had after covid. I also had that false recovery, then bam! experience that you had.

The good news is that I am finally feeling better, although I can't advise with running because I'm not running myself at the moment. I can definitely advise to take it easy, and to stop BEFORE you feel tired. I'm finding that if I keep going until I feel tired, I've already done too much.

I see that you are walking - I'm using Active 10 to record the amount of brisk walking I'm doing each day. It helps to keep me focussed. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Thank you for replying, it’s so miserable and I can’t help feeling sorry for myself as it just keeps returning in waves. I’ve tried covid tests but to be honest I don’t trust them as when I did have covid it showed negative on the lateral flow ones. I’ve never heard so many people suffering with this long lasting bug though.

I’m glad to hear you’re finally getting over it. When are you going to attempt your first run? I’m reluctant as I thought I was okay a couple of weeks back then ran 5k and felt so much worse from the day after.

I’ll stick with my walking for now until I no longer feel that cough raise it’s ugly head but I really look forward to getting back out there for an easy paced run. ☺️

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grumpyoldgirlGraduate in reply to Dendev75

I did half a week one run yesterday, tucked into an active 10 walk. All seems well, so I'll do it again tomorrow (got long term ankle injury issues so being careful). How about trying a twenty minute easy run before going for 5k? You are wise to be careful, this is a nasty virus. I tested negative this time, but it felt the same as covid to me, and the aftereffects were just the same. Weird.

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Oh that’s good 👍🏻 yes better to be safe and sensible to avoid any injuries.

Yes, good idea, I’ll just go out on my own for a 20 min run and see how I go before attempting another 5k. 👍🏻

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Wishing you a swift recovery Dendev75 . This dreadful bug whatever it is seems to be on the rampage. I can only echo what others have said on here and offer you my sympathies and encouragement that you will get better and back to running before long. Fingers crossed here for you.

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Dendev75Graduate in reply to RunBrianRun

Thank you  RunBrianRun 👍🏻 it’s a worrying and really annoying bug as it’s lasting well over a month of not quite feeling 100%. I’ve been keeping fit at home in between really short runs 😊

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