Guilty but super happy!

I am sure Laura and many people will get upset after reading my blog but trust me I did not intend to do this deliberatly so hopefully I will be forgiven. I did my W5 R2 on thursday and I really struggled so I was absolutely dreading W5R3 this morning but despite that I decided to to go for local park run and the aim was to do just 1 lap (3k). I was right at the last because I am so slow so the running marshal started running/chatting with me and I wanted to be polite so I stopped listening to Laura and started chatting to him and before I knew I had ran all 5k wihtout a single stop. It took me just under 50 mins. I am ofcourse very very happy but I feel I have let Laura /the programme down for not sticking to the plan.

Another dilemma is can I still ask for a badge and graduate.


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16 Replies

  • I've no idea whether you go straight for the badge, but, well done! How brilliant to run for 50 minutes - were you able to walk afterwards? I think you deserve at the very least a round of applause and a good rest. Bravo!

  • Not until you write a long letter of apology to Laura for being fitter than you thought!!

    Running 5k and chatting too! I loved your blog - this made me smile so much. It's brilliant you did a park run. You can always go back to the program for your regular runs - see how you feel when you recover from this one.

    One advantage of the plan is it builds up stamina over time and because it's incremental it helps muscles etc adjust gradually - useful for me as I didn't have any to start with - maybe you had much more to begin with, or the adrenaline/not wanting to be impolite carried you through! You are obviously doing really well - whichever way you do it, with Laura or not, you are a runner girrrrl! :)

  • Hi Poulet-thank you for your reply. I think I go back to W6 from monday.

  • Thanks nevertoolate- no problem with walking at all but I will know the true feeling tomorrow or on monday:-) I intend to go for a gentle 1-11/2 walk tomorrow so hopefully the legs won't hurt on monday.

  • Well done! No apologies needed! I would carry on with the programme though, maybe a bit faster than you had been lol!

  • Hi Deryn61- will go back to W6 from monday. I read your blog yesterday, you were supose to go for park run too, did you go ?

  • we all come to c25k with different goals in mind. I knew I could already run 2 miles but desperately wanted to do 3 and was always defeated by the last mile. I knew intervals was the way to go but had no idea of how long it should take me to build up to 5k (3miles) and this programme offered a timetable which seemed ambitious but achievable, given that lots of others had done it. However, I won't really feel I've graduated until I do 5k faster than I can walk it ( currently 43minutes )because I feel I was quite fit to start with. Try carrying on with the programme and see if you can complete it in a shorter time than you did this run, perhaps :)

  • Well done for going for a Parkrun without feeling you had to graduate first etc and what an amazing time. Non Stop !!! I'm jealous .. I did mine in roughly the same time but I was doing run 1 walk 1 intervals all the way around.

  • Hi KANdoit- very good timing for you considerating you were walking and jogging and you still finished in 50 mins.

  • Hi happierswimming- my goal was just to run 5 k at a stretch even if it took 2 hrs because I never thought I could it but now I will definitely revisit my initial goal. I am going back to W6 from monday and try to increase the speed of my 'brisk walk'/jog, thanks.

  • What an achievement, you devil! ;) I think Laura would be proud (but would secretly hope you still carry on with c25k and her podcasts!) I must stop reading all these great blogs about parkruns as I am getting very itchy feet!

  • Thank you Legion- Why dont you try park run if you have got itchy feet? I have been reading your blogs and we are pretty much at the same stage-veg, need to loose 4-5 stones and I was putting on weight on Slimming world but I have to say this programme and Weight watchers together is really working for me- I have lost 9 pounds in one month.

  • Wow, that's great. I really do think I will try parkrun very soon. Very tempted to go next Saturday (would be my W4,R3 day), just to check out the course. Having done W4,R1 this morning, I am very fidgety and want to run again! If I feel like this on Tuesday, after my run on the treadmill, I think I might pop out for an evening run too, and see how long/far I can run for (very slowly, of course). I'm not going to try running on my rest days though, as I know that would be a mistake.

  • You can also check park run site for the course of the run. In Southampton, it's 2 laps so I just did one lap when I did my first park run which was W4R3 for me.

  • Well done Devanski! I'd say it doesn't matter how you got there you did it (it's a wonderful feeling when we surprise ourselves), I'm sure Laura is proud of you, you've done the work & you're seeing the benefits. :-)

  • Thanks notbad

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