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Just a quick post to say hi to everyone who will be doing Week 5 this week. I've got the first run under my belt (I do each one twice to make sure it's not a fluke) and am beginning to feel that I've built up the third run into my own personal nemesis.

Two 8 min x 2 runs to go, then the full 20 minute monty on Sunday. So glad to read posts on here from others who have conquered it!


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  • You can absolutely do It.

  • Me too! Although I only do each one! Been thinking the same about day three. Survive day one better than I thought o would. Day 2 tonight! We can do this. Well done. Keep going! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Doing the runs twice is a sure way to get there in the end. GO champ.

  • Week 5 was the turning point for me it was when I realised this was going to work! Hope you enjoy it and I am jealous as you will experience the high that W5R3 gives !!

  • Well done for reaching week 5! I've got my 20 min run tonight. A few weeks ago I didn't think it was possible, but now its totally possible!

    Good luck for this week. xx

  • I just finished week 4 yesterday, and looking forward to starting week 5! I'll be doing my 20 minute run on Monday next week. It sounds daunting, but strangely, I feel more confident about it than I have in the previous weeks.

    Going from 90 seconds of running to 3 minutes of running felt like a big jump, and so did 3 minutes to 5 minutes. But I am so impressed by the way this podcast is designed, now I actually believe that I can do 20 minutes if Laura says so!

    I can't wait! It's going to feel so great to get there.

  • Great attitude Prune, well done.

  • Awwww.... Just got in from a trying day at work (eyes bottle of gin longingly) to be greeted by so many lovely comments when I logged on. Thanks guys! With you supporting me, I know I can't fail. Good luck to amy1985, stephb81and LauraLouP!!! I'm right behind you!

  • You can do it - it's the mental challenge more than the physical one! Just take it easy. I'm on week 5 and completed run 2 today, Thursday is my run 3 day. Good luck for Sunday and enjoy it ! :)

  • Me too! I did w5r1 for the second time today! I'm so scared for what's ahead!!!

  • How'd it go this week? Have we all finished W5 R3? I made it through mine last night, after re-running W5 R2 on Monday night. But Monday's run was great, and yesterday I ran for 20 minutes! I couldn't believe it!

    Really looking forward to starting Week 6 on Saturday morning. Good luck, everyone!

  • Yes, I've done W3R3 twice. First time was AMAZING, second was quite the opposite for some reason. However no stopping, even when I felt a bit barfy towards the end. W6R1 tonight, not quite the easy run I bargained for but still no stopping!

  • Well done, Prune!

    I'm doing W6R2 tonight, looking forward to the longer 10-minute stretches, rather than the shorter 5 & 8 minute intervals. I can't believe 5 minutes feels short to me now, when just a couple of weeks ago I was wondering how I'd ever get through 5 minutes!

    Good luck with week 6!

  • Hi Amy1985, I agree keeping going is oddly easier than stopping these days. It's crazy! I was supposed to be doing W6R2 myself this morning, but my phone's alarm failed and am yoga-ing this evening so can't go out. But hope it goes well for you, and can't wait til we're doing R3 at the weekend!

  • HI

    I have my 20 minute run tonight. If I can do it I might start believing I can actually run!! It is weird as to how nervous I get before hand though.

  • Hi dexdog, I get nervous too but its OK, it just means we care about it which is a good thing! How did it go?

  • Not too good. I panicked when Laura said 10 minutes thinking OMG there's another 10 mins to go and walked for about 20 seconds. Gave myself a talking to and then ran the rest. Didn't enjoy it one bit. It is defiantly mind over matter and I am going to try again tomorrow. I feel a little more positive as I didn't die yesterday!!!

  • Mind over matter is right! Maybe have a day's rest and then repeat it. I wouldn't say I enjoy it exactly either, more of a feeling of satisfaction once I've nailed it. Keep going!

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