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Did W4R2 this morning!!!!

Was a bit nervous about it, given I was so happy with r1 on Saturday, but it was fine (with hindsight! At the time it was pretty tough though!). Had my 15 year old daughter with me which also worried me as I thought I would be tempted to go faster so she wouldn't think I was running like a mum, but in fact I didn't because I couldn't!!!!!! She was brilliant and just kept pace with me! Found the 5 minute runs felt like they would never end but of course they did and felt so so good when it was all over. And I did have the cooked breakfast afterwards but am saving the hot tub till later this evening 😉 good luck to all who are also ploughing through w4 - I understand I am now only 1 run away from the week from hell! Please someone tell me w5 is not as bad as I am imagining!!!!

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Well done Sandi .....I always think they get harder after the first run of the week......but you did it yeh !!!!!!! Doing mine tomorrow......dreading week 5 myself.......but look how far we've come.......hope you enjoyed ya breakfast 😉


Thanks Dawn, have fun tomorrow and give yourself a treat afterwards! 😁


That's brilliant Sandi! Cocked up a bit and didn't manage to start week 4 before going to grandmas with the kids. I would normally do it today (horrid night on sofa bed though) but chickened out of bringing my running gear to the big smoke! So seems I'm having a couple of rest days! Back are going great guns and I'm sure reading these posts will keep me keen


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