Couch to 5K

Thoughts on aches and pains

Firstly let me start by saying I am no runner. Never have been, never will be, especially now I am Rapidly approaching 50, 6ft 4 and very much the wrong side of 20st.

But what I have done 32 times up to today is shuffle round Park Run, painfully slowly but without too much pain to me.

Yes sure it hurts at the time, my legs & feet ache, I need heart and lung surgery when I cross the finish line and occasionally an ankle or knee will give me jip but nothing that limits my enjoyment of the rest of the weekend.

Today on the other hand I visited a new Park Run which was on pavement rather than my usual soft forest floor. Well right now I am laying on my bed watching Eurovision, my left ankle is sore, the same knee is swollen, my back is killing me in my lumber region, my neck hurts as do my shoulders!

I guess what I am trying to say is, if you have recently starting running and something hurts, that shouldn't really be a surprise. Listen to your body, adapt to it, think about how and where you are running and make sure your trainers are giving you the cushioning you need.

After all that, stop finding reasons not to, get on with this program, go and find your nearest Park Run (now! Not when you have graduated) and reap the benefits.

Week 5 here I come, kicking and screaming as ever.

have a great weekend all, God bless

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Fantasic post very inspiring and what you say makes sense i am struggling with niggly aches and pains in my lower legs and knees really need to have a proper gait analysis done i think and naybe invest in some new shoes ☺


Week 5? And doing parkruns? Definitely a runner m'dear, sorry to break it to you.

Hope your joints recover quickly. Take an extra rest day if you need it.


Great post - us big lads in particular need to make sure we're getting the cushioning we need from our shoes. Google "shoes for heavier runners" and their are quite a lot of articles/reviews &c.


How are you doing weight wise Chump? Are you losing any? I find I have kept my weight off by keeping running regularly. I eat well but healthily. I found my running speeded up as my weight came oo. Well it would ☺


I am actually down 13 lbs in 4 weeks so thrilled. I have been here 27 times before mind you but this time with all of your support I truly believe it will be different. My next big resistance level is 280lbs (20stone) I have hit that many many times over the last 5 years or so and never managed to get and stay below it.


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