Wardrobe malfunction

Had enough sitting around resting the ligament after the weekend so popped out and did a little 10k with obstacle simulation. Basically, every km you stop and do an exercise to simulate an obstacle. It goes a little something like this:

Obstacle 1 – Deep Mud - Walking lunges Reps: 15

Obstacle 2 – Barbed Wire Crawl - Push Ups Reps: 15

Obstacle 3 – Pulley - Situp Twists Reps: 15

Obstacle 4 – A Frame - Walkouts Reps: 15

Obstacle 5 – Burpee Penalty - Burpees Reps: 15

Obstacle 6 – Deep Mud - Bodyweight Squats Reps: 15

Obstacle 7 – Hills - Mountain Climbers Reps: 15

Obstacle 8 – Muddy Ditches - Long Jumps Reps: 15

Obstacle 9 – Cargo Net - Spiderman Push Ups Reps: 15

Obstacle 10 – Celebration - Star Jumps Reps: 15

All went well until km 5, when my shorts split right the way up the back seam while doing the burpees, to the immense amusement of my son, who was along to document the event on camera, and then proceeded to tell everyone we passed for the remainder of the run.


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21 Replies

  • Awesome! That made me smile 😂 Mind you it's a good excuse to go out and buy more gear ;)

  • Underwear?? Commando?? Had to ask...

  • Am most distraught as these were my fave shorts. O'Neill surf shorts I bought in Bali in 1999. Nothing is built to last any more.

    And no, no underwear. doesn't work with running shorts.

  • My husband has a dz of those o'neil surf shorts. Down by the market at 20 rupiah each if lucky

  • Ha ha Oh Rig, its a shame it wasnt a video camera, you mightve ended up on " Youve been Framed "

    Mind you , you could get a few pair of shorts with the £250.00 they pay for showing it .

    Every cloud and all that....

  • and you haven't shared a photo why??..

  • I have a feeling my son may be blackmailing me with the pictures tomorrow

  • And the photo is ........ to follow?

  • That will be in the Subscription only section of my website. Or the bonus page of the Calendar.

  • Where do I subscribe?

  • Ha ha ! :-D :-D xxx

  • It's the thought of the squats at 6km with your surgical gown shorts ...

  • Luckily no cyclists wer coming up behind me. Actually I do have a photo of that.

  • Quick knock up a new pair out of that lovely tablecloth! x :-)

  • Ha ha Karen , that made me LOL , ha ha :-D xxx

    I knew those lovely tablecloths would come in handy one day :-) x

  • oops! i guess boys will be boys and there nothing funnier than someone whos split their trousers! :)

  • Blimey, I'm worn out just reading that. Well done.

  • So where is the picture?

  • ...so when are you up in court? I am sure some of us would vouch for you...for a price lol!

  • Oooops. Ha ha.

  • Haha good one!

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