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30 day fitness challenge, anyone want to join me?

So, I found a group on Facebook entitled "30 day fitness challenges"

I'm probably jumping in the deep end by taking up 3! Sit ups, Squats and push ups.

I've just done my first set, and I'm not going to lie, I struggled! Push ups were a disaster and that only starts with 3 on the first day!

Sit ups start with 20 and works up to 140. I started feeling it by 5 and struggled by 10!

Push ups start with 3 and works up to 20. I could barely do 1. This is the easy version of the challenge, there is a "normal" one that starts with 15.

And the Squats start with 50, building up to 250. I had to rest for a second or two after each set of 10. There is also a harder version of this that Starts with 250!

There a lots of others so probably something for everyone.

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You're not really selling it if you're looking for volunteers ;) Only joking. I've just finished a 30 day plank challenge (Saturday). I'll prob continue with this on the days I'm not running. I don't think it would be wise for me to take on anything else though ;)


Don't think I could do the plank, at least not right now, I have no strength in my arms lol


It's actually very good at building that strength along with strengthening your whole core. I must admit that 5 minutes is a little hard on the shoulders ;)


I might give it a try when I have finished the others. 3 challenges on top of C25k is enough for now.


I know what you mean ;)


I do exercises at home to a dvd. I can't do a plank yet so I do the modified version but I can do a few side planks. Every little helps. I think our bodies need building up to make us better at running. My arms need work so I'm doing a bit of upper body stuff with handweights etc

You might need some yoga too


I could walk the plank?


Wow, 3 is brave!! I'm kinda doing the abs one. Going ok so far, but I'm not going to get too caught up in the month part of it and if it takes longer because I'm busy/tired then fine, I'd rather not overdo it. I'm on day 6 atm, but haven't done it yet today... I might think about one of the butt ones when I have finished this one, depending on how I get on with this.


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