Core strength torture

Core strength torture

I have been doing strength and flex exercises for my legs which are going well but decided to go a bit further - star jumps (reminded me of school PE lessons, quite fun), burpees (strange name and quite an effort), skipping (wow, that is harder than it looks) and plank - looks pretty easy but it is an intense form of self torture and even 60 seconds felt like a lifetime of intense pain!!  Taken a couple of days to recover, will this really benefit my running?


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  • Core is a must for running. It will save your back, help with proper form and erect posture during runs and it will protect you from injury.

    I just started my core exercises too. Torture is right. But, I have to if I'm going to establish any proper form for running.  Aye aye aye I can't believe how out of shape I let myself get in 6 years.  I burnt some muscles on my first day of core and also had to recover before resuming. At 53, I am not as I used to be.

  • Core is the best to compliment almost any exercise. I'm in the middle of improving mine, and OH MY GOSH it is hard!!!! After every Session my abs are just burning. If it takes you a fee days to recover, I think you're going at it too hard. Running already works your core, so it's critical to strike a balance. 

  • I await Rignold's reply....:)

    I think it sounds amazing...particularly the burpees... :) Well done you x

  • LOL. I am actually writing The Rig Manifesto of Strength and Conditioning which I will post shortly either in here or over in the 'Push Yourself Over the Edge' section.

  • I can scarcely contain my excitement, and the sense of anticipation on the forum is palpable!

  • I'd be very interested in that! Have you published it yet?

  • My elbows are sore so I have rested a couple of days, will runn today and do a few but less than the other day.  My abs feel sore from the planking but guess it is doing me good and hope it will benefit all round fitness but also running

  • You're not really selling it to me

  • I know, it is hard to do but it is about not just having fit chunky legs but developing my upper body movement too.  Like C25K it was hard at first, resulted in some aches but it took me to where I wanted to go.  Hoping it will also improve my shape (particularly the tummy)!  No pain, no gain LOL

  • Its something i want to start incorporating in my training sessions, not sure what i will need to drop, as im doing one slow long run, one interval run, and a circuit mix, and then 2 swims a week. I like to keep the weekends as my rest days, but if i want to extend my runs beyond the 8k im doing now, i will need to do some back/core work.

  • Why would you drop anything? Your core/Strength & Conditioning work can be achieved in 10-20 minutes  a day. Do it everyday at the opposite end of teh day to your run/swim.

  • I use jillian michaels dvd's as you get the whole lot in an organised package that keeps moving, incorporates the whole body using all the moves,  be it plyo, yoga, pilates, boxing, weights, etc etc.  I can do them at home too 😊  she covers many plank variations and always has a lady who is showing the modified moves for beginners, which is a boon 😊

  • Interesting MW.  I need something like that.  Do you have a link to where I can buy those, that sounds like just what I need, if you think it would work for a beginner :)

  • ummm just had a look at the web site, maybe it's just for ladies !

  • I use free step aerobic workouts on You Tube from Jenny Forde, find them quite helpful and they raise my temperature somewhat, lasts 30 minutes

  • I think you should keep doing the plank.  I have been doing them a couple of times a week for years.  I am 68 and a 60 sec plank is just a doddle.  Certainly no pain and I just think of it as recovery time from harder excercises.   I'm not trying to brag just trying to give you some motivation.

  • Wow, I am very impressed, well done.  Has it improved your tummy?

  • I'll let you know when the fat comes off and I can see the muscles!!

  • Strength is never a weakness. The stronger you are going into something, the better you will be coming out.

  • Just back from my run and have done leg stretch n flex already but will do some star jumps in a minute and then attempt the dreaded plank again LOL

  • Be aware though that of the exercises you mention, it's only really the plank that is going to be doing anything for you strengthwise. Burpees, skipping and star jumps are great for a warmup or as part of your cardio routine but are not increasing strength.

  • Im giving this a go :

    What do you think Rig ? xxx

  • That's a pretty good runner's routine, yes.

  • The Rig seal of approval, that'll do for me !

    Cheers Rig :-) xxx

  • I would ADD a caveat to all this ' emphasis on core'  - yes core IS important.. but ' what core exercises you do' are as important as anything...  

    There is , it seems to me, a lot of emphasis on improving  ' abs' as strengthening the core, whilst it IS a part, some training regimes I have seen place a LOT of strain on the lower back ( which when you are young is fine but needs to be approached with caution the older you get) 

    Although there IS growing evidence that a lot of this emphasis on having the ' perfect 6 pack' to the young is causing a lot more instances of people presenting with back problems younger and younger...


  • i am planning to start this once I graduate, thanks for the heads up

    looking forward to the pain !!!!! ( not ) lol

  • Yeah! Plank looks painful! 😂 seriously though, my running group manager strongly recommends the plank😊 but it makes my arms sore amongst other things!😉

  • There are loads of planks, not just one.  Some are harder than others

  • That side plank though !!! That is a toughie !!! :-) xxx

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