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Laura was with me, no gremlins


No technology gremlins today, but I had decided to do W1R3 on the treadmill to try to see what was happening with my walk/run periods. I had landed up SOOOOO demoralised after W1R2 I just had to do something different to get my mind back in gear. I proved to myself today on that treadmill, with Laura "by my side":

1. that I can walk faster than I can "run"

2. if I want to make the "run" faster than the walk I have to slow my "brisk walk" down to 4.5 km/h

3. My "run" can then be about 6 km/h (but I can still walk that fast, or maybe even a bit more for that single minute)

4. I can only just make it through to the end of the last run of the W1 programme

5. It felt harder than I thought it should be


I'm going to add a W1R4 on the treadmill on Sunday and then I'll either repeat the complete W1 or else move onto W2 starting a day later on Tuesday next week.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement.

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Perhaps you need to drag yourself away from the dreadmill and take a run outside. Lovely autumnal days are absolute bliss

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to misswobble

My W1R1 & W1R2 were outside. My problem was that my runs seemed so very pathetic that I was getting totally demoralised, hardly able to keep putting one foot in front of the other, almost like running on the spot. I'm a pretty good brisk walker, I am a regular gym user, doing interval training on a rowing machine etc. ... so it seemed ridiculous to be shuffling along, which is why I felt that I needed to try something different today. On the dreadmill the runs were slightly better, but only because I slowed my brisk walk down. If I walked at what I think is a brisk walk there's NO way I would be able to run those minute periods at a faster pace! BUT, HAVING SAID ALL THAT, BACK IN BUSINESS TODAY. My mind is in a better shape aboput this stuff and I am going to do it again on the dreadmill on Sunday, then try outdoors again after that. I have to agree with you that outdoors is better, but not for me just at the moment.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to davidhwynn

I shuffled for ages but I didn't mind it as it took me places. I was still shuffling on some of my early races but it didn't bother me. I walk in races too. Needs must. When you tire you have to slow up. Maybe you want to be too speedy ? You have to build the legs before you get quicker. I found I couldn't do the much talked about leg lifting cycling motion. It took me ages to get to that point. I got there though! You just have to be patient and keep plugging away. I have always run outside, and started in winter, so soon got acclimatised. I ran on the trail, and I think the undulating terrain helps make you stronger and increases your puff. Does wonders for the mid section. Mine was blubber but no more. Wahay!

So pleased you are back in business! That's the spirit. Never be defeated!


For what it's worth, David, I would suggest that you go ahead with your idea of slowing down the briskness of the walk and concentrate on running. After all, you already know you can walk! This is a program to get you running. When I was doing C25k my walks were by no means brisk. I was genuinely using them to recover from the running sections. But that seemed to work as I didn't have to repeat any weeks and although I was as slow as treacle I managed the whole program. Speed can come later. Press on with the running bits! Good luck. x


David, good for you, really well done. The Treadmill clearly worked for you today and IMO, stick with it. If ain't broke etc. Outdoor running is great, but it can wait for the moment.

Incidentally, my brisk walk on the treadmill is 6.8 km/h. And I agree with AnneDriod abaove that you concentrate on the running aspect. Try jogging at 7.5 or 8km/h and don't be afraid to lift you feet up!

Good luck!


davidhwynnGraduate in reply to John_W

Thanks John_W, the idea of me running at 8km/h seems to be the same odds as my flying to the moon ... but I tell you what, I'll try doing it even if it only lasts for a few seconds at a time. Lift the feet up????? those feet weigh VERY heavy!!!!!!

Glad you got your run in David - I was thinking when I was out myself that you may be out too.

I look forward to hearing how you get on slowing down the brisk walk if it improves your running, that said we're not all about speed at the moment.

davidhwynnGraduate in reply to Brydo666

Yep, get the "not about speed" message, but there comes a point where if you are lapped by a snail ............... John_W suggests a jog at 8km/h, I doubt it because that sounds more like a sprint to me, but am going to give it a try. I'm adding in just one extra W1 session on Sunday (my individual just invented W1R4) then intend to start W2 runs on Tuesday next week, so you'll land up a day ahead of me if you stick to the Mo/We/Fri. Have a good rest day.


I think you need to slow the walks, then run at what is a comfortable pace for yourself. I don't run at 8km h and probably never will. My husband's 5k quick walk is slightly quicker than my running 5 k..........but he can't run and I CAN teehee! Slowing the walks will mean you have more breath and stamina left when you come to the runs. That's important as at this point you need to build your running legs, a different technique to walking . As AnneDroid says, you know you can walk, so concentrate on the running element.

Good luck with W2, you have come a long way this week, well done. Remember you never run alone on this forum.


I did all my running on the treadmill for the C25K runs because it let me monitor my pace. I walk at 5kph and run at 7kph. In W1 and W2, the running bits are small enough to enable faster running, but not once you get beyond a couple or three minutes. I know it feels dreadfully slow, but to get to 30 mins without stopping by W9, it needs to be (at least for me!) Distance now, speed later - 7kph is starting to feel too slow for me now. A couple more runs and I'll try increasing the pace. Good luck with tomorrow's run, you'll do fine!


Thanks, everyone ... not looking forward to my newly invented W1R4 tomorrow, but determined to do it!

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