Look out he that doles out the badges I almost need one!!!

Today i did my last but one run and quite enjoyed it too.... still on the treadmill but choose to run on a different profile so had ramdom speeds and gradients thrown at me ...and coped really well. At the end my performance rate was 28 which comes in as excellent level of fitness ! boy did i sweat looked discusting but I think i can safely say i'm a runner! So come either sunday or monday night i will do my last run whoop whoop xx

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  • So close - enjoy your graduation run - we'll all be cheering you on

  • Awaiting your grad blog :-) Run Run Run!!!!! ;-) Gayle

  • Well done Red- not long to go now!! Best of luck for your grad run! Sue x

  • Well done. Just one more run, best of luck with it. Yes you are a runner!!

  • Well done! I did my first treadmill run on Monday, and will have to see if I can warm to it. I hope to finish on Monday, but that will most likely be on the treadmill.

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