Couch to 5K

Each week a little further :)

Each week a little further  :)

Hi fellow runners :)

Each week since graduating C25K I've been adding 3 minutes to my run.

This week was 39 minute run. During the week I run at 6am and it's dark, so rather than push myself to go particularly quickly, I run in the direction along the river path which has some gradients on it. The weekend I run in the flatter direction and try to push on a bit quicker.

I'm a bit dissapointed that I have not yet improved on the personal best for 5km that I set just after graduating 29.12 mins. Yesterdays run was 29.36 mins for 5km.

However I'm running further, so that's good. I'm definately enjoying the C25K+ Stamina. Keeping the cadence up, and being reminded to keep my posture right is very helpful :)

So not a fast run, but I enjoyed it, and the weather was nice :)

Happy running everyone :)

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I think those times are pretty impressive Zev!


Great plan, and don't dismiss your 5k times, I think they are fab times... good luck on your progress :)


Sounds good to me. I'd be thrilled to run 5k that quickly when the time comes!


really great times Zev sub 30mins after graduation is realy good :D your plan seems to be a good one :D


Hey Rob :) Just adding 3 minutes each week is not very demanding, I will probably push a bit harder in the summer, but for now, I'm really enjoying my running, and I want it to stay that way. I dont want to risk it becoming a chore from trying too hard.


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