Preparing for 10K

Looks like I'm going to be doing a 10K race in April (my very first race!) so I'm just using this space as somewhere to gather my thoughts, and any tips. According to and based on my 5K PB, I could do 10K in 1:17:54. I've run 8K a couple of times, in 1:08:25 and 1:03:49 (didn't realise I'd cut nearly 5 minutes off, until now!) and my most recent 6K (complete with hill) took me 45:47.

swanscot suggested I do one speed/interval session, one 30 min(ish) run and one long run each week, which sounds like it would fit nicely into my running schedule. Any more training tips, suggestions or recommendations (including thoughts for race day itself) would be very welcome.


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  • I'd do some other exercise too, even if it's just walking. I'm training for 10 k (well, back now after illness) and I'm doing exercise DVD's and walking, doing some exercises with weights too to try and build up my puff. I do a timed run from door to door, say 20 or 30 minutes, once a week as well as the interval run and the one long run

  • Crosstraining (eg cycling, swimming, walking) may be an idea on your days off from running. I'm a Pilates fiend :-) and found it has helped my running immensely. I try to go to classes 2-3 times a week or have a DVD I use at home if I can't get to classes.

  • Thanks both. I'll be doing 5x50 for the first time, later this month, so will definitely be incorporating some other forms of exercise then. I'm also doing a sponsored bike ride in May, so definitely need to get on my bike soon! Haven't ridden it for longer than I can remember. I used to be an enthusiastic cyclist until my knees objected. Hopefully they are a bit stronger again now and will be happier about some gentle cycling. Good luck with your 10K training misswobble. Are you aiming towards a particular event?

  • I'm just want to be able to run a 10 k. I'm barely running 5 k at present though. I lack the strength to cope with the increased distances. No puff for some reason. I have the legs I think but it's my lungs that seem to let me down. I have to try and improve my overall fitness so have been doing fitness DVD's, and lots of walking. Being ill sort of interrupted that though but I'm back in the groove from today, and hopefully my training will get back on track

  • I felt like that a couple of months ago, but your lungs will get there. Now it's just overall stamina I need to work on, and I think cross-training is going to be essential.

  • Hey Legion,

    As well as building up slowly each week and mixing your running as Swanscot suggested, I'd def suggest cross training (in fact, if you can get use of a cross trainer it is great as very low impact on your joints but helps build speed and stamina). The thing which I think has helped me most by FAR is weights training. It doesn't have to be anything fancy at the gym (although again, those machines are great if you have access to them and a helpful gym attendant to help get you started); a few cans of beans or water bottles at home will do.

    I myself have actually done less running lately (not intentionally, I just get bored on the treadmill), more cross training and weights, which I believe has made me more able to run for longer, faster when I do venture outside.

    Good luck!

  • When you say cross-trainer do you mean one of those machines that you stand up on and work arms and legs at same time? I've got one I should be able to use that is also a sort of exercise bike.

  • Yep, that's the one :) It's nice because when your legs get tired, you can use your arms more and vice versa.

  • I too would recommend cross-training. In my case cycling helped a lot last summer. I was cycle commuting (50km round trip x 3 days/week and 25km x 1 day) and because of the long cycle only ran once or twice a week. But I still managed to beat my PB at a 10K race in September. The cycling really helped both my stamina and speed for running by developing heart lung capacity and the leg muscles.

  • My son has given me two 2.5 kg weights to help me with my upper body strength as I seem to have none! I have been trying to follow Jillian Michael's yoga and exercise DVD's on a Samsung tablet, which is extremely difficult via youtube as the screen is titchy! I have just ordered several of her dvd's this morning, plus I'm back running now after flu. I have good old Sami Murphy 10 k podcasts, so nothing to stop me now. mp3 player loaded up with good tunes, and lighter nights now, so hopefully nothing to stop me cracking this interminable journey from 5 to 10 k. What could possibly go wrong ey?

  • I have some ankle/wrist weights lurking about somewhere. Maybe I should start using them when I walk/run? I'd like to do some Wii Fit/fitness DVDs but I have family staying 'temporarily' which has left me no space to work out in. Good luck on the 10K journey. We will have to compare notes to see what works. :-)

  • Went out in the glorious sunshine today to do a long, slow run. I set the heart rate alerts on my Garmin to keep me in zones 2&3 (111-148 bpm). It was really hard to keep my heart rate low (very slow stumbling pace), and any sign of a hill made it impossible. However, it worked and I have now run my first 10K, in 1:23:37, making the target in my first post above seem attainable. I even ran (ie. stumbled) up a hill on the way back (at the 4.75 mile mark) which I measured at roughly one-fifth of a mile long. Exceeded my previous longest run by 2K and feeling very happy, although my knees and calves are a bit tired now.

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