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My result today.

Let me explain why it thinks I ran for 30 minutes first. My Sony smartband isn't perfect and I was walking pretty briskly on the way home from work for the first 5 minutes it would seem (I know it wasn't recording the brisk walk either side of the 25 minutes as it details at what time it thinks I ran). I was keen to get home to run I suppose, feeling energised by last week's run.

The above aside I ran at an average pace of 5:05 min per km - which for the 25 minutes means I covered just short of 5km, possibly 4.9. Clearly if I had run for 25:25 I would have reached 5km.

I'm not treating the results as certain until I run a 5km track in around 25 minutes, but if on week 7 I'm running anything close to 5km I think it's some achievement.

Right, I've got an interview with Admiral Law tomorrow morning so I'd better get back to revising answers to questions. I wonder if the fact I told my current employers about the interview and didn't just take half a day off and hide it puts me in the minority.

Thanks again for reading. As you can imagine I'm pretty elated with my result, I hope your next run gives you the same feeling.


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That sounds super fast to me I finished W8 on sat and at 28 mins only getting to 3.5km (and that's a struggle ) to get 5km in 25 mins is brill :-D


Thank you cmcadams :) It felt so slow, I certainly expected to get less after naively pushing myself at the start. Graduation soon for you! Best of luck with W9 :)

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Thank you for the recommendation onestep!


I did run 2 of week 7 this morning. Mapmyrun had me at 4.6km at an average of 5:30 min/km.

It's my best stat wise to date, but didn't feel too clever whilst running it!


I know you are a young un Mike but that is still a pretty stunning performance.

Great stuff.


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