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Week 7 Completed...still smiling!

..and this morning felt like my best run yet! Taking Laura's advice, I tried a different route today; one that I had been avoiding as I have run it in the distant past (before C25K came in to my life) and remember it as hard hard hard due to a certain hilly part that seems to go on forever. Anyway, this morning at 6.15 I set off with my new 'can do' attitude and I just kept a nice steady pace up that road and really believed I could do it....and I did, more comfortably than ever before! Was buzzing on return, as my family will testify. Never thought I was a morning person, but when I get back from these early runs I am so set up for the day! Bring on Week 8!

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Great stuff. Week 7 was when things started to 'click' for me too.

6 more to go - sounds like you are ready to breeze through them.


Woohoo! Well done! I loved Week 7 and guess what, I am enjoying Week 8 just as much - I'm positive that you will too :-D


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