W6r2 hideousness!

So, people warned me about w6 being potentially up and down! My w6r1 on Tuesday was good (probably because I was running past Buckingham Palace!). But last night was truly horrible, well the first 10 minute bit anyway. I had a stitch, couldn't breathe and my legs were killing!!

I'm now dreading the 25 min run tomorrow. Does anyone know why running can be good one time and terrible the next? I'm really worried about trying to do 25 mins :(.


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10 Replies

  • If you listen to Laura (maybe she hasn't told you yet) but sometimes runs are better than others and that there is no rhyme or reason to it

    It sounds like maybe to me (but I'm no expert) that you might have been going a bit too fast? Could that be a possibility? If so, just slow things right down to give yourself some breathing space, and your legs less of a battering.

    Week 6 is the hardest. After you've done that then things get somewhat easier

    You'll be fine honestly. You've come this far, and the program is progressive, so don't worry about it. Laura will get you round don't worry.

  • I agree with MW - you're probably running too fast so drop down a gear. And stop scaring yourself! If you managed the 20 minute run, then this is the same, just with one extra song :-) You can do it. Gag the gremlins and go for it!

  • Thanks both, I will plod and see how it goes!! Blooming gremlins, they are real!

  • Don't worry Sara, just take it nice and steady. Put one foot in front of the other, focus on the sights around you, don't over do it, and don't think about how far you have to go. You can do it. I know you can :)

  • Thanks Tomas, I hope so :)

  • The first two runs of w6 are much worse than the third run. You'll be fine, just go slowly :)

  • W6R2 was a horror show for me too and I still have no idea why because every run since then has been good.

    Just focus on taking the first 10 minutes nice and steady and you will find a nice rhythm.

  • It makes no sense to me how it can be so up and down, but I will go with the flow, banish the gremlins, and report back :)

  • I loathed week 6 run 2. Horrific. I did have a hiccup on r3, but there were a number of things against me that day. Ran all week 7 with no problem at all.

  • Haha thank you, gives me hope!!

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