Phew what a scorcher!

Get up, drive to work (in Kent), in the office for 7:30am work through lunch, stressful day, leave at 5:30, M25 accident, 20 minutes delay (at least I wasn't in the accident), get home at 6:45. Hello wife and children, out of work clothes, running gear on, garmin on, tunes on and run.

5 miles in 53 minutes in 19 degree heat, saw squirrels, horses and a deer ran alongside me before cutting across the path. Food+wine and relax, reading all about my running chums latest adventures. What a great way to end the day.

It all starts again tomorrow.

Have fun


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  • Good times. *Happy Sigh* :-)

  • Definitely Allie ;-)

  • 😃

  • Sounds great!!! Apart from the heat!!! I struggle in the heat!!!! Enjoy your wine!!

  • Thanks i did

  • It's such a good antidote this running!

  • I wonder what i did before C25k

  • This is an inspirational read... In the office for 7.30am? Wowee, that's amazing! Keep running! X

  • I know lots of people have more stressful jobs and longer hours so I've nothing to complain about really ;-)

  • Oh that sounds amazing G, I can feel the stress melting away in your post :-)

    Sigh......... :-) xxx

  • Happy days PP. Looking forward to my next run

  • What a great day you had!

  • certainly felt it after the run

  • Great post GF . I too went out for an hour last night and it was a scorcher! I saw swans with their new cygnets, morehens ducks, lots of friendly dogs and very polite cyclists. It's a wonderful world out there and we are indeed 'getting fitter' too. Win win all round ! or should I say wine, wine :) Sorry the good mood hormones are still doing the trick! Running Happy

  • Brilliant Carole sounds like you had a great run too.

  • Ahhhh, isn't it just lovely when a good run can take the stress out of the day and create a happy ending. Happy running :)

  • THIS is why I LOVE this forum :-).

  • Hot? Oh my, living and running in Qld means running has to be done at 5:00am in the morning to beat the summer heat, thank goodness it's now cooling down and I can go out at 6:00 am. I'm really impressed that you went out for a run after your packed full day, I've tried evening running and just can't do it.

  • I also normally prefer morning running