A proud moment but not what you would think!!!

Well fellow C25K runners another first....I was asked...how fit are you, if you were to go up two flights of stairs would you struggle?No I proudly stated I jog 3 times a week for about 25 minutes!! If only I wasn't in a hospital bed being asked by an anaesthetist!Unfortunately last Wednesday I was involved in a traffic accident and was rushed off to hospital blue light and all.I had an operation on my arm which now has metal in and an awful lot of bruised ribs. Only got out yesterday. Very lucky ( oh I managed to get in the joke about the piano) but won't be running any time soon.So good luck to you all, Especially you Pandarunner our joint graduation is just not be.But in those famous few words known to many....I'llllllllllllllllll beeeeeeeee baaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk!!!!!!!! Happy running!

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  • Bloody hell, Pot. :-( What happened?! So sorry to hear this. :-( So glad you've not been injured worse, but still, that's bad enough. How long are you likely to be off running for? When I broke my wrist a few years ago I was off work for seven weeks. I hope you won't be out much longer than that!

    Rest easy and get well soon; stay around here and let us know how you're convalescing. :-)

  • Thanks M_L the anaesthetist called it being T-boned...I in the car that is not the op! I think I will have cast on about 5 weeks but should be walking without pain in about 3! I will still read the forum and keep up with your early ( really early runs :-) )

  • So sorry to hear your news. Speedy recovery, treat yourself with lots of TLC, we will be right here when your ready to get back Into it.

  • Thank- you it will brighten me up to read the posts!

  • Really bad luck Pot!! Hope you recover very soon and back up and running. You were nearly there, just need a bit of R&R, spoil yourself lots and let us know how you get on! x

  • Well on the plus side the paramedic had to cut my cardigan..and in A&E they did for the rest so some shopping to do :-)

  • Recover soon - arms, ribs, bruises and all. Don't be so smug about the 2 flights of stairs, I graduated a year ago but still struggle up the stairs and do not understand why when I am so much fitter than I was a year ago.

  • Gee that was my only silver lining lol!!!

  • :( get well soon!

  • Thank you

  • Oh my goodness, poor you ! Hope you get back to running fitness soon, but in the meantime take it easy. Best wishes.

  • Thanks...at least I know I can get to week 8!

  • Aww I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Sounds pretty serious so glad you are up to posting on here - must be a good sign :)

    Hope it's not too long til you can pick up on the programme. I had to take 3 months off and am definitely finding it easier to run this time around. In the meantime take good care and don't get too frustrated...which might be hard !

  • Yep think I was very lucky! Good to hear you have managed to return to the programme..it reassures me that it can be done!

  • Oh no! Sorry to hear of your accident and hope you recover soon. You'll still get your graduation run completed but it'll just take a little longer ;) Good luck.

  • Thanks Paul...I will continue on the forum so will be reading your posts!!

  • Flippin heck Pot !! Poor you, blimey. I wish you a speedy recovery , take care , lots of TLC for you and a big hug ((( ))) :-) xxx

  • Aww thanks I really appreciate everyone's good wishes

  • Oh Pot, sounds pretty awful - you sound amazingly cheerful despite your injuries. Hurry up and get well soon. Very gentle(!) virtual hug - minding those ribs!

  • Well ullyrunner I do have a good sense of humour( sometimes too much I am told) and if you didn't laugh you would cry.Funny thing was I put up a post about ordering a T-shirt and not thinking about doing it earlier in case I jinxed myself and then a couple of days later zap!!!

  • Get well soon x

  • Eeh dear Pot, what are you like!

    Take care, eat healthily while you're laid up and you'll be back out there in no time

  • Oh my... Wish you speedy recovery so you can get well enough to get back in those trainers... Like all here I am sure we wish you well x

  • Crumbs!! That sounds really bad. So pleased you're discharged from hospital now and able to make jokes about it. Take good care of yourself Pot and make sure you keep posting so we know how you're getting on with your convalescence.

  • Get well soon! You are sounding very positive despite all the pain and discomfort, hope to see you back soon... :)

  • Ouch - that sounds horrid. Glad you are sounding cheery despite all the horribleness. Rest up - I hope you have someone there to pamper you! And don't worry about graduation - you know you'll get there!

  • Oh no that sounds like no fun at all :(

    Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    I remember a seat belt bruise across my boobs was horrendous, I can't imagine what you are feeling.

    You will be back to running in time x

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