What a fabulous morning for a run

Southsea seafront this morning: sunshine, bright blue sky with just a few fluffy white clouds, bright blue sea sparkling in the sun, a few early morning yachts out on the very light breeze, our wonderful promenade (wide, flat running platform) still fairly empty first thing, temperature comfortable, neither too hot or too cold: perfect running conditions, fabulous run, posted an improved time. Wish I had taken a photo to post! Happy running everyone, enjoy the break in the weather while it lasts, it's days like this that make it all worthwhile.

5 Replies

  • So glad you're having a good time out there. Well done. Have a lovely day!

  • Sounds lovely.

    I left about two hours later than I had intended this morning (damned work getting in the way of my plans!) and the temperature was just tending to the uncomfortable side. I nice cooling sea breeze would have been great.

  • Lot's of people running down the proms this morning!

    Lovely day for it, makes you even more glad to be out with running shoes on.

  • I'm jealous. Seriously though, I am glad you had a good run. I have to wait a couple more healing days for my HM Legs, had a good walk today, I am so looking forward to my next run, I am missing it, the weather is perfect running weather as well, hope it holds out.

  • Sounds lovely. Life can be so good!

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