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What a lovely day for a run


Hi all, not been posting on here for a little while - I'll make it a new year's resolution to post a little more frequently.

Acquired a treadmill earlier this week - mainly so I can keep my hand (or foot) in when the weather gets bad before the welcome sight of spring. However this morning just begged for an outdoor run and I was only too pleased to oblige.

Since my return from IC I've been taking things a little easy and despite graduating have gone back to Week 5 to try and build up some strength in my dodgy knee.

Took things slow and really enjoyed being out in the fresh air. The sun had a little poke in it and the sky was cloudless and a beautiful blue. Completed my run with little pain although I must admit to being a tad out of breath but I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt that huge sense of achievement/euphoria when I returned home.

I'm taking 2 rest days just to be sure I'm giving myself enough time to rest soooo next run scheduled for Sunday - wait that's Xmas Day!! I'm sure that that little inconvenience won't affect my plans - famous last words :-)

I would just like to thank everyone for helping me along these last few months with words of encouragement and sympathy and wish you all a wonderful xmas, a lovely new year and great running in 2017.

Much love xx

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Hope your knee holds up but if you are careful I am sure it will do. What is it like running on the treadmill?

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Thanks boptillyoudrop49. I've only run once on the treadmill since it arrived on Monday. It's a means to an end really - it serves its purpose but nothing compares to being outside.



Glad you're getting back to it - and what a glorious day to venture out again! Happy running - and happy Christmas! :)

in reply to RainbowC

it surely was RainbowC - thanks x


Great that you are running again! Seasons greetings to you and yours!

in reply to Millsie-J

Thanks Jacs-W and to you too :-) x

Good to hear that you're back running, and it was a lovely day for an outdoor run. Good luck with your planned run on Christmas Day.

in reply to Razouski

Thanks Razouski :-) x


What a wonderful post. I hope that your knee improves 100% and that you will soon be niggle free :) Have a great Christmas Day Run ;) and a brilliant 2017! xx

in reply to Flossie22

Thank you Flossie22 x


Its been lovely today hasn't it, perfect for running :) Great to hear you're back on the plan, onwards and upwards!

in reply to loisamelia

Thanks loisamelia x


Great post. glad you are back to running but also taking it steady.

I regularly run on Sunday and at moment plan to run sometime on Xmas Day. Will probably do as early as possible !

Have a good Christmas.

in reply to joepublic

Thanks for that joepublic - enjoy your xmas day run :-) x

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