Lace lock/heel lock - how to tie your running shoes properly!

Came across this on FB yesterday, and tried it for my run this morning - it really works well. Always wondered what the extra lacehole on the shoes was for!

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  • Thanks Steve L I saw that too but couldn't find it this am :-)

  • I was shown that way on my first physio visit. I can't say that I noticed any tangible difference though.

  • I'll give it a go tonight :)

  • The manufacturers give no clue do they? You think they would

    It does Dunder. You can bring the shoe closer to your ankle so it feels snug and reduces any chance of it rubbing. More supportive it feels like to me

  • It might be that that I was tying my shoes too loosely prior to doing it this way missw and that my runs at that stage (back in week 2) were just too short for me to notice the difference.

    I do always use this method.

  • I really noticed the difference today - mainly in that it stopped my feet riding forward and reducing toe room.

  • I was shown this method in Sweatshop when I bought my running shoes in August.

    Funny though in the shop there seemed to be ample lace length to do it, at home there is no where near enough length in the laces!

    Probably due to that, for comfort during a run, I have learned to not pull them tight all the way up the shoe, so I lose some of the length through the slack.

  • Yep, I do that except I go back into the same hole (last but one) as the last hole was just that little bit too high up my foot and it felt too uncomfortable. I do wait until any new trainers have softened up a bit first as otherwise I feel that it's gripping the top of my foot too much.

    The main downside of this method though is that can be a bloomin' nightmare to loosen your laces again. Especially when you've been out on a cold day, can't feel your hands, and obviously you're bursting for a wee and could really do with getting your trainers off pronto :D

  • :)

  • another perk of being a man I'd wager ;)

  • Nothing to do with *ahem* "access" more of a deep-rooted dislike of shoes on carpets :D

  • Leave a couple of carrier bags just inside the door, stick your feet in, trainers and all, and tie loosely. This would protect your carpets and give your fingers time to thaw before tackling the laces.

  • found out about this a couple of weeks ago and put a link up on here I think - really does feel much better on the foot. recommended!

  • have tried it, shoes do feel a more secure fit :)

  • I always use this method. it stop your foot moving around as much and keeps your toes from hitting the end of the shoe.

    Incidentally I read somewhere that shoes should be laced on the tight side. Supposed to be more efficient or something. Tight feels better to me anyway.

    Also it's amazing how technical you can get. There are ways to tie your shoes so they undo easier. Ways to lace up so your toes don't hit the end if they are on the limit of almost being too small. etc. google and youtube are fascinating

  • will try..

  • I use the lace lock as it allows me to leave the laces really loose across the top of my foot. If I don't have them really loose my feet go numb. Not nice!

  • My dad taught me to do my shoes like this when I was a kid - I thought everyone was going on about some mysterious new lacing technique!

  • I must have had my eyes shut all my life - I'd never come across this before!

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