Tying your shoes differently (no really)

Have any of you had a go at tying your shoes like this instead? I've given it a go and I must admit it does feel a lot better!


It might help some of you that have problems with shoes being a bit tight - should be worth a go at least.

(PS - that website looks really good for the training plans as well but just having a read now)

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  • Iv bookmarked that I will try tomorrow and let you know. Thank you

  • Page won't open. Sniff. And there I was thinking I'd be able to learn to tie my shoelaces all over again... a new challenge!

  • It didn't work for me either but I found it through googling :) Hopefully this will work!


  • Thanks for this. I will try it when I am back into running

  • Thank you - this link worked fine for me! And thanks to Wristy for posting this - the mystery of the weird extra lace hole is finally explained! Why on earth don't they tell you this when you buy the shoes? I'll be trying this tonight :-)

  • I couldn't open the page either - but a chap at Sweatshop gave me a great tip on how to lace shoes for a snugger fit round the heel which has stood me in good stead. And satisfied my curiosity about what that extra hole is for...

  • Yes, and the issue about short laces is a real problem for me :( I have wide feet, so by the time I have re-laced my shoes and created the extra loop there's not much left to tie a bow with. You can find longer laces but quite often they are also wider or round, for boots. Not good, manufacturers!

  • I had this problem with my old shoes - seems like Brooks have (at least these ones do anyway) a bit more extra on the lace

  • I was shown this way of lacing when buying my last pair of running shoes and it works!

  • I was shown this as the way to lace my trail shoes - definitely helps with those!

  • I was also shown to tie them that way by my physio.

  • Thanks for that, I will try it on tomorrows run.

  • I heard about this on another running site a few months earlier and have been tying my shoes like that since. However, I bought a new pair of Saucony's last week and found that the laces are too short for this. I can barely tie a normal knot.

  • Yes. I always hace my laces like this ever since I first read that tip.

  • Thanks for posting this Wristy , my shoelaces are the bane of my life !

    Tie em too tight , they make my feet go numb, tie em too loose and they come undone - Pah !

    Im going to give this a go , ta very much ! :-) xxx

  • ran for the first time with this lacing tonight and promptly ran a PB haha

  • Hey Well done, it works ! :-D xxx

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