How necessary are running shoes?

Hey :)

I'm only in my first week, so I don't think proper shoes are that necessary right now, but will they become required in a later week? The only shoes I own right now are formal dress shoes (because that's what 18 year old wear, right?), and I'm not sure if they're bad to run in or not?

Any advice would be great - I'm a complete noob at running :D

Thanks for reading! :)


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24 Replies

  • I would have thought running shoes but that's entirely up to you. It's your feet

  • Thanks :)

  • I have run in trainers - okay, Trail shoes - much better, Road shoes - harder, Hiking boots - good ankle support. I would get some comfy running shoes - they don't need to be expensive just comfortable and then when you graduate you'll be so addicted you'll have at least 3 pairs of shoes for running ;-)

  • Brilliant :) I'll look into getting trail shoes then.

    I don't even own three pairs of shoes full stop right now, never mind all for running xD I really do hope I manage to get that far :D

    Thank you so much!

  • Well done on completing week 1 :) I would say you will definitely need some sort of running shoe as you get further down the line. Doesn't have to be anything expensive :)

  • I haven't done week 1 yet :( One walk/run left!

    As long as they don't have to be quality, I can grab a pair for a fiver :D I might as well get them sooner rather than later, yeah?

    Thank you :D

  • It might be worth taking a look in somewhere like Sports Direct if you have one. They might have something in the sales. I'm not sure if the ones in the normal shoe shops would be quite up to scratch for running especially when you start doing the longer runs so if you can afford a bit more than a fiver you would probably save yourself some money rather than ending up having to buy another pair later on x

  • There's a Sports Direct in the intu near me, I could go in tomorrow, see if they have anything. Thanks for the advice! :D

  • Hope you find something good :)

  • I think I'd draw the line at trying to run in dress shoes. I started in walking boots (and they were heaps better than some expensive trail shoes I had properly fitted down the line that I had to exchange) I did feel as though I was flying when I treated myself to running shoes (minimalist, which is what I like... so I am kind of glad I never went the usual trainer/thick soled running shoe route)

    You could try asking on Freegle and seeing what comes up if money is an issue.

  • Yeah, they were starting to pinch a little ^.^'

    There's a shop in my city centre that sells low quality sports equipment cheap, so I'll probably go there. Better than dress shoes, at any rate :D

    (Thanks for mentioning Freegle though - I have a couple mates who aren't that well off, that'll probably help them a lot :) )

    Thank you :)

  • I had ordinary trainers when I started and got shin splints almost immediately... you need running shoes if you don't want injuries...

  • I tried the C25K last year in normal (fashion) trainers and ended up with Achilles tendinitis -

    I literally could not walk properly for 6 months. It's not worth the damage you can do to your body.

    This time the first thing I did was buy a decent pair of running shoes as it was so scarey to think that I'd permanently damaged myself.

  • I didn't realise shoes could cause such problems! I'll definitely get proper running shoes sooner rather than later, then. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Depends. If you run in a bio mechanically efficient way and avoid too much Tarmac it shouldn't really matter what you run in. If your form's not great, proper shoes will really help.

    I have 2 pairs of running shoes, one for roads and 1 for when I'm out in the hills/moorland and don't want to fall over (they've got deep treads, almost like studs). They suit me. But my dad runs in walking boots, and there's a guy where I live who I often see out running barefoot, including on pavements and stuff through the middle of town, at night, in February! So I guess it's a case of finding what works for you :)

  • I run at a 3% incline on a treadmill, and I don't think my form's so great xD

    Proper shoes will probably save me quite a bit of pain down the road, then :D

    Thank you! :)

  • As TF says it all depends on the surface you are running on. Ordinary running shoes give support that fashion trainers don't give and are designed for roads and pavements. Trail shoes are designed for running on tracks, trails grass etc. Formal dress shoes are designed for formal dress.........not running.

  • I'm probably going to get trail shoes, based on what you and GettingFitter have said. :)

    Formal dress shoes may be terrible for running in, but at least I'll look good as I collapse on the side of the road with every ligament and tendon in my legs irreparably damaged!

    Thanks :)

  • Have just seen you're on a treadmill, not outside. As long as it doesn't hurt, I'd say run barefoot. It strengthens the tendons in your feet and ankles, and you're in no danger of dog poo/ broken glass. Then get shoes when you're ready to run outside.

  • I've been told that I stand on the wrong part of my foot (apparently my arches are terrible or something?) so without support from a shoe I might end up hurting my feet more than anything ^.^'

    I'm thinking of trail shoes, due to the incline of the treadmill and where I will run when I start running outside.

    Thank you! :)

  • The only really necessary piece f kit are the shoes. Get a gait analysis done (free at most good running shops), and then buy what you need. These can be last seasons models [much cheaper], and you will find your running so much more rewarding.

    Dress shoes are not the best....

  • Cool, I'll look into getting a gait analysis done, then :) Thank you for the advice!

  • Good shoes were the only bit of specifically running kit I bought at the beginning. I did Run 1 in old trainer boots, which I thought were comfortable - and bought new shoes before doing Run 2. I decided it wasn't worth the risk. I would also agree with all the other comments - get gait analysis done and buy the best you can afford. Old shorts/tee-shirts/fleeces etc will do fine for the rest of the get-up, but don't stint on the shoes.

  • I bought some today! :D I could tell while on my walk/run how much more support they gave (especially for my ankles!) Thank you :)

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