Lazy me but completed week 4 run 2 this morning

Well aftera few days of needing a rest day, work/social life schedules and laziness, I finally got round to completing the second run in week 4.

I may actually stick with this run for next week as well before moving on to week 5; in part because of my laziness, and in part because it is another gear up compared to week 3!!


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  • Well done and good plan, lots of people do that :)

  • I also ran week 4 run 2 this morning after a whole week off! I managed it but really felt it in my legs. They felt like lead! I might repeat a couple more times before week 5 as well because I want to know that I'm ready rather than struggle and feel down. Well done!

  • That is kinda my thinking..

    Repeat week 4 until it is less of a struggle..

    Otherwise Imay do week 5 (or 6) struggle and kind off loose impetus!?

    After all tit isn't a race to graduation is it?

  • Well

    i did Week4 run 3 this morning, and pretty much ran 5Km in the allocated time.

    Was a good run and I felt good doing it..

    Even if I didnt have a rest day!!


  • And then I ended up swimming 30 lengths allbeit in a small 20m pool...

    Just to support the wife....

    But swimming is a good form of exercise

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