I ran!

Yay! I just ran for 30 minutes without stopping. I only went slowly, thanks to the advise of someone on here but I did 2.4. miles and managed to run without any breaks. I was only aiming for 20 minutes but I just kept thinking "I'll go to the end of this road". When I checked my time I'd nearly done 20 minutes so I tried to get all the way home - and I did. I don't think I've ever ran for 30 minutes before in my adult life. Thanks to people on here for posting positie things, it really helped when I was out. The psychological barrier really is the biggest by far!


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  • Well done! Must feel amazing! I'm still can't believe I'll ever get to that point but the amount of people on here so seem to do so give me hope that I will. What's the plan now? Keep extending range or trying to decrease time?

  • Thanks asilla! I was genuinely shocked, I'd only ever managed 8 minutes and I'd look at my phone/stopwatch and think "I can't do much more so I might as well stop". I think I'd just had such a long day sitting down that I was happy to be out. Also I'd read some comments on here and they were going round my head while I was running. It helped to know I could go slowly! I also kept telling myself I could stop but then set really small challenges like "just to the next lamp-post".

    I naively booked myself onto a 5k charity run on March 16th in early January but thought I'd have to quit it as I had a bump in the car and it agrivated my prolapsed disc. I guess the plan now is to have some self belief that I can run 5k (albeit slowly!) and work towards that.

    Thanks for your support. If I can do 30 minutes I'm sure you'll get there too.

  • Well done on completing the run. You must feel great! Your distance / speed is something that you can work on as and when.

    S X

  • Thanks mustgetthin! I do feel great. Mostly because I surprised myself. I went on a bootcamp last year and I was no where near the fittest by far but the best thing I learned was that I could do things I didn't think I could do (cardio and strength exercises). I got that feeling again today. My aim now is to try and complete the same run again later in the week to make sure it wasn't a fluke(!) and then work on my distance/speed like you say. Hopefully it will help me shift the pounds!! I have signed up to a charity 5k run (which I did before I hurt my back again in a car bump) so I will now hopefully be able to run (jog!) the whole thing.

    Thanks for your reply, I appreciate the support!

  • That s why I'm repeating W5 R2 for a 4th time. Changed my route to a tougher one and completed it for the first time today. Have to do it again to check!!! then I will be on the 20 minute run!

    S X

  • That's fantastic, well done. It's great to move on to the next challenge isn't it?! Good luck with you re-run, hope to hear of your successes :o)

  • Wow! So cool!

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