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Ran a bit then gave up


Had a disastrous run this morning. It was my first run in almost a month. I had an enforced break after catching that chesty cough thing that's been going around and then being out and about around the country with work for the best part of two weeks. I've been pretty stressed with work and didn't sleep well last night either. All of the above conspired against me, then it started raining. I managed, and enjoyed, running for 13 minutes. I then walked 2, ran 2, then gave up.

I felt muscle "sensations" at the back of my left thigh and front of my shins. Not pain, just an awareness of them that I haven't felt before. I know that a break of a few weeks doesn't drastically affect fitness but I think I'm going to need to take it a bit easier and build up muscle strength again.

Stupid thing is, I'd planned to take it easy and just do three blocks of 10 mins interspersed by walking... but I felt great last night when I was getting my running clothes ready so thought I might as well see how far I could go. A mistake.

So, on Thursday I'm going to do w6 r1 and see how I do. I'm also going to get back into the habit of doing stretches and squats in the garden, kitchen, at my desk, wherever I'm standing waiting on something. I love feeling fitter, being able to walk up the escalators on the underground, keeping up with the dog when she has a mad dash, and internally moaning about all the people in the street who aren't walking fast enough. I am NOT going to give up. I've got a week's holiday mid December so my plan is to be back to 5k by then.

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All sounds very sensible. It takes a little while to build up again after a lay off - but not as long as you think! You'll soon be back.


That sounds a great plan, I love a plan!

Be kind to yourself and build slowly. Every run gets you off the couch remember, no matter the distance😀

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I've entered the next two week's running day in the calendar now. I love a plan too :-)


Oh dear sorry to hear you're feeling a bit under par. Good luck for Thursday. Just go nice and steady! Take it slow! You don't want anything to go "twang"!

You still have to walk the dog, which is great exercise. If the dog breaks into a trot you can hopefully jog alongside. Just see how it goes

Good luck!

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Trotting with the dog I can cope with, full blown sprinting in jeans and walking boots is challenging!

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