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W5R3 Boom!!

Well, lovely people. After a day which started at 5am, 300 miles driving to Leeds and back, supporting my fabulous son in his first ever half Marathon (1:59 no less), and 9km of walking during the day, I went out to tackle W5R3 at 9pm tonight when I got home.

I can't believe I did it, ran non stop for 20 mins (12:48 min mile), especially since I was so tired, and had also been out for a fabulous slap up lunch at 3pm....and it's all thanks to you lot.

Having read many posts on here, and all the lovely replies I got yesterday, I had enough self belief to think I could actually do it, and enough motivation not to bail at the last minute!!

Thank you so much to all of you, you really helped me do this. I am taking my running kit to London tomorrow so I can squash W6R1 in on Tuesday morning before work. I would never have believed it!! xx

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Well done Sara. W5R3 is a real milestone.

There's no stopping you now but just be careful with week 6, for many people, including myself, it is oddly challenging.


What a great day for you. Well done on that run it's a good one to get done. Well done to your son too-a time I can dream of! Take it easy for w6 and enjoy! X :-)


Brilliant! Well done you :)


Well done you two. Great job! Yep, take it very steady, give yourself some breathing space, and you'll be fine. No hurry!


well done!


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