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Finally - 3rd go - W5R3 done. Plodders unite!

Week 4 took me 3 weeks because I got sick, and then visited by in-laws in the middle of it. Week 5 took me nearly 3 weeks too - because I went on holiday, then mildly injured myself, and also got a bit fed up with it.

But! This morning I did finally manage to knock the b*st*rd off.

Last week when I was repeating W5R2, I got very bored with it and didn't complete the second run. Sort of a tantrum. I was thinking - I hate this! I can not be bothered!

And then this morning it was run day again, and so I pulled my trainers on and decided that I was just going to get on with. No looking back, I'll stick with doing W5R3 as many times as it takes until I get it finished. And of course I got finished first go which is why I'm posting here.

I look at this forum a lot, especially I like reading other people's stories when they've completed a run that I haven't quite conquered yet. There are a lot of people who just glide through - and it seems like everyone who was at the same stage as me a few weeks ago now has their graduate badges and are still going. All of you are fabulous and you do inspire me to keep going.

But if there's anyone else out there like me who is just quietly plodding along and going much slower - be aware that you're not alone! I got this far, eventually, and if I can then anybody can.

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Respect to you xeompho !! I was stuck on that a couple of weeks ago (I'd had a break from running after graduating last year, injuries etc ) but I just couldn't 'get it' I let my head rule I'm afraid :-( I have now gone back to week 3 ) I did 2 of those back to back yesterday, It made me feel a lot better about running , but now I think that I need , like you, to have more 'staying power' I have thought and said so many times that a lot of my running is 'in my head' sorry to go on ! but well done again :-)


Are you sure you needed to go all the way back to week 3? I definitely did need to repeat week 5 the first time. But then it got to the point where I had completed week 5 nearly 3 times (have to say nearly because I kept giving up halfway through runs). My point is that you might actually be fitter than you think you are.

Good on you for sticking with it - it's hard when you feel like you're not progressing. But I'm sure your body is probably progressing whether or not you're caught up to it mentally!


Hey, Thanks xeompho :-) You may well be right! I'll think about your perseverance next time out ...which will be tomorrow !! and week 4


I've always found being bloody minded during a run has helped. Running has been very intermittent since graduation due to injury and asthma, but without a dose of bloody mindedness I would never get started again each time. Good luck :-)

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Like me having to do week 5 again, the 20 minutes about killed me, had to slow at about 18 minutes, thought my heart was gonna jump out of my chest, hell fire!!!!!, but gonna keep going, not gonna quit, well here goes. Keep up your good work, your doing great!!


Well done.


Well done, plodders unite indeedy! Weeks 4 and 5 held onto me for weeks and weeks, just couldn't crack them. The minute you finish one though it's all worth it, congratulations. This journey is what you need it to be, and not all of us will finish in 9 weeks, but we will finish! Happy running :)


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