Undone by a blooming cough, for goodness' sake!

Chesty cough for 2 weeks, and no running. Thought it was nearly gone today and had 4 miles of walking, jogging, hacking like a tubercular old man on every incline, and feeling utterly dejected and incapable.

I have a half marathon on the 30th, and I cannot face another week of no running. What do I do? (Apart from moan at you lovely lot; sorry)


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10 Replies

  • You are amazingly capable - it's just difficult to be at our best when we are ill - and obviously you are not quite over it - BUT you will be soon. Even Superman had Kryptonite to knock him back - he moaned too if I remember :) You will be well again and you will be brilliant. This is a fact - just be a little patient and remember you are an inspiration to an awful lot of people. :)

  • You're so kind, you are. Always trust a northern lad for warm words when you need them :). And if you happen to know where I can get some kryptonite...

  • HM? Meh! You'll be just fine TTF. It's 3 weeks away, so concentrate of getting better, perhaps with some light walking but don't risk delaying your recovery from the cough by doing too much, too soon. And post here often....

  • Aw, poo. Poor you :( If you're out there puffing, it's a good sign that you're on the mend though. Try going to the docs (again? if you haven't been yet, you should be thinking about it) because apart from not being able to run, chests don't like being all cluttered up like that for too long. Take care & keep your chin up, Tea Fairy xoxo

  • Thanks. I've not been to the doctor yet as I read 3 weeks before you need to bother them, but might go anyway if it sticks round another few days.

  • Oh you poor sausage. There's some truly horrible coughs and things doing the rounds at the moment. Nearly everyone I know, me included, is coughing up all manner of yuk at the moment. The good news is that you've got 3 weeks to shake it off. If you read Vixchile's latest post, she got 3PBs recently after having several weeks off, so that shows not running isn't always a disaster.

    My advice to you is not to run for at least a week. No sense in driving all that gunk even deeper into your lungs. Also, try inhaling lots of steam (a couple of times a day if you can stand it) to loosen it all up, so you can cough it out. Sorry to be so graphic but, as they say, better out than in!

    Really really hope you're feeling better soon. Try not to be too despondent. As Poppypug would say, this too shall pass. xxx

  • Thanks for your kind words and good idea about steaming! Had rather stupidly not thought of that and I bet it'll help. Anyone else with ideas for home remedies?

  • Oh poor you, hope it will pass soon!

    This is my own cough syrup: 10-15 dried figs, simmer for half hour in 1 litre of water, add 1 jar honey and simmer another 10 minutes, give or take, the figs should dissolve . It works as well as any bought over the counter syrup...

    (not sure what the properties of figs are in regards to cough, but it does taste good)

  • Ooh, sounds like that would make quite a good energy gel as well.

  • My dad used to make a brew with wormwood. You can buy absinthe and mix it with some boiling water.

    I have a Wright's vapour lamp which you load up with liquid from the chemist (it's a small dished stone thing which you put the camphorated oil (or whatever it is) and you light a wick underneath) You close all the windows and doors in the room and go to sleep and you inhale all the vapours overnight. It's used for kids with croup and such like. It works! You have to place it on something non-combustible and away from the curtains as it has an open tea light or wick underneath. I got the whole thing in a box from the chemist and they sell the refills too

    I used it a lot when I had whooping cough. I went to the docs and he said I had flu and wouldn't give me anything. I had whooping cough and he could have done. Bah!

    I think Vicks vapouriser is a modern version of the above

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