What do I need to do for goodness sake!

ok I have run three times this week just taken on two cleaning jobs ( which alone is physically demanding) I have eaten very healthily this week and no alcohol. Weighed myself and have put on nearly two pounds. Don't tell me it's muscle cos I only run 5-6k each time. I'm desperate to lose at least a stone. Not asking for much and feel like I'm doing all the right things so should at least be heading in the right direction. Oh woe is me. Are there any other peeps out there feeling my pain. Especially you Ladied in your late 40's women x


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  • Same scales? Same day of the week? Same time of day? Same clothes? Are you being realistic about your weightloss goal? If you are doing more, and eating less, and your BMI is indeed a bit high, you should be losing weight. I have lost just over 2st so far but still have a stone to go to get within BMI normal range, and out of sheer weariness with it all I abandoned my strict record keeping over the past couple of weeks and got a bit slapdash and just eyeballed portion sizes and consequently have had no more weightloss. I know I need to return to my honesty on the documentation as it really opened my eyes to how many extra calories I can fit in if I don't properly weigh and measure absolutely everything! Good luck

  • Oh babe that's tough but you are doing so well...time of the month? The only thing that worked for me was Myfitnesspal ... It does work I lost 1.5 stone and I'm 44 ;) hang in there x

  • I have been on a roller coaster ride with running and weight loss. I have finally hit on What works for me. I am a big believer in we all have a sweet spot and juggling things around till you hit it is worthwhile. I am on thyroid meds and in my late 40's. The formular that works for me is 2000 kcal a day and exercise 1750 kcal a week. I can lose a 1lb a week with that on 3 out of 4 weeks. If I go under on the calories the weight either stays the same or goes up. it's taken me years to have the guts to eat 2000 kcals a day as I have always under eaten.

  • I'm exactly the same -no weight loss (mind you, the cake has had the allure for the last couple of weeks - now the weather's cooler it seems only right to have tea and cake). However I do feel a bit trimmer. The muffin is not quite so floppy over the waist of my jeans, so something must be 'moving' and my bum feels a bit firmer. I asked my son to take some photos of me in my underwear and I took measurements. I've put a note in my diary to look at them in 6 months' time to see if there's a noticeable difference. I'm going to keep running and exercising anyway, so it's just for fun really. As I am going to be cocooned in jumpers for the next 8 months I'm not going to diet - if things go the wrong way I'll shed a few pounds in time for summer clothes next year ...

  • Love your reply and attitude

  • A week is not really much to go on. Keep plodding on and keep plotting your weight on a graph. Make sure you weigh yourself same day, first thing in the morning etc. Over the course of 12 weeks or so I am sure you will see a steady decline. Occasionally there are blips, just like with, um, stocks and shares, but it's a long term investment you are making.

    2lbs in a week could be water retention, could be anything. Don't worry about it, just keep running.

  • How dispiriting for you! No wonder you're feeling a bit fed up. However, as other people have pointed out, it could easily be something as simple as water retention. Fingers crossed you'll have lost something by the time you weigh yourself next week. Good luck x

  • Oh Chappers , I do feel your pain.....

    I haven't lost any weight at all, well maybe a smidgen from my left earlobe but that's it. Not a single solitary ounce ( shakes fist ! )

    I need to lose about a stone , the scales haven't budged an inch BUT things definitely feel firmer and tighter, my arse doesn't have its own postcode anymore . We have just got to keep going ,its tough I know and you must feel so demoralised seeing that 2lb go on, but it could be water retention like others have said.

    Weve just got to keep going, chipping away, its not nice and its not pretty, but chin up Missus, don't give up :-) xxx

  • Slimming World is ace. I'm on week 6 and I've lost no wait but I'm lot fitter.

  • I'm doing the nhs choices weight loss plan and found I really needed to adjust my portions. We are now getting the correct number of portions out of a recipe and weighing things properly! Doing this I have lost 2 stone 11 over the past 21 weeks. Just keep calorie counting, recording everything you eat, and don't eat your exercise calories!

  • Good points there Catch, yep I have a habit of eating my exercise calories and I need to record EVERYTHING I eat.

    Well done on your weight loss, that's really good !

    Onwards ! :-) xxx

  • As someone who has lost a lot and still has a little way to go, I ALWAYS eat my exercise calories...!

  • How dispiriting! As many have pointed out, I think you just have to stick with it...I think progress is very slow and steady, and in tiny increments! Things might not be shifting much one week to the next, but over a longer time scale, weight, speed, stamina etc should all be moving in the right direction.

    I realise its not for everyone, but I've never had weighting scales...to me it is more about how you look/feel...and the early changes from this programme might be to body shape, muscle/fat ratio etc...which are good too!

    Anyway, keep going with it...I'm sure the weight loss will come!

  • I had no weight loss since starting in January, but like others said felt trimmer and people even remarked on it. Still, I wasn't happy, so started the 5-2 diet about 6 weeks ago and have lost 7lbs so far. 7 to go and I'm done - they I change to a 6:1 plan to maintain.

  • I've lost no weight either and was dismayed to find I'd put a couple of pounds on. They say muscle weighs heavier than fat ;) BUT I weighed myself the following day and I'd lost that couple of pounds so go figure. You might find it's a bit of water retention?

  • Yep - same here 40+ early menopause , started running back in June. Out 3 times a week and I have lost no weight at all ! Ok my shape is changing but my frustration is that I have to carry that extra weight when I run - would love to have seen a small amount come off by now but no , nothing !

    So yes , feeling your pain :) when you figure it out do let me know ! :)

  • It isn't for everyone but I have found it helpful to switch to daily weighing. Shows me how random it can be. I feel if you are thinking "Not fair" over a week's timescale you are not finding your 'programme' intrinsically rewarding and it might be worth tweaking it.

    I remember though that I lost nothing for four weeks whilst my husband did... but I was the one who kept on going for 2 years and lost all I needed to and he didn't.

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