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w9d3 done :D

I've only written one post on here but have read a few posts every morning before getting up.

I have struggled a LOT with stitches. I've made sure to ...

- do deep, rhythmic breathing, breathing out when I land on my right foot

- not eat/drink much beforehand (and latterly eat two bananas beforehand, which helped a bit)

- start slowly

- do a couple of torso stretches

It felt like nothing has helped, but today the combination of two bananas, starting slowly, and having a small amount of salt right before starting seemed to do the trick - no stitch!

Did 5.76km including the walking bits at the beginning and the end (4.68km of just running, which worked out at 6.24km minute per km). This is really exciting because the stitch has meant that I've usually been far slower than this.

Am delighted :D Now onto trying to decide whether to buy a Garmin Forerunner 220 or a Sony Smartwatch 3 to continue my running journey (just don't want to carry my phone around, even on a strap).

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:) well done for getting through. Congratulations. :)


Congratulations! I see you've got your lovely graduate badge already!


Congratulations and well done.


Well done, especially with all that stitch stuff going on. Brilliant achievement! 🎉🎉


Congratulations on finishing the programme and getting the amazing badge. Enjoy your graduation and keep running :-)


Yay! Well done. Such a greatbfeeling & a great achievement.

Happy running! ☺


Well done for graduating. I bet you won't be able to stop smiling the rest of the day.

I just got a garmin 15. I've used it on the treadmill sort of twice and it gets it's inaugural run tomorrow. It looks great so far. Like you I don't much like using my phone. Gonna use both tomorrow probably.


Many Congratulations on your Graduation !

Well done to you :-) xxx


Fabulous. Really well done rainbownelle. Enjoy your running adventures.


Thank you so much, everyone! The community here is so friendly :)


Well done! You must be delighted! I get stitch too so very interested in your tips. I try to breathe the way Laura says - sticking your belly out as you breathe in - but it's really counter-intuitive and I keep finding I'm doing the opposite - which leads to me raising my shoulders when I breathe in. When I can get into a good rhythm with Laura's breathing it does seem to work. I couldn't eat 2 bananas before heading out - I get reflux and have to leave at least an hour after eating even a small meal before attempting to run. Interesting about the salt though - will definitely try that!



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