W2R3 done :D

I was amazed when I managed to run for just the first minute on W1R1, so am ecstatic that I have made it to the end of W2!! My midweek W2R2 run was uncomfortable (tired and knees have ached for a few days), so I thought I'd struggle today, but pushed through the doubt (did some stretches last night, so might have helped the tightness).

I've been looking at W3 posts, as I can't see how I'm going to manage the 3 minute runs next week, as I am always waiting for Laura to chip in...I see it's not just me who has the doubts - this community is great for easing my fears...thank you to everyone for sharing your thoughts - I thought it was about time I joined in :D


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11 Replies

  • Honestly, you'll be fine. I liked the fact that a move to another week meant less runs, by number anyway. Something psychological there that worked for me!

  • You will be fine. You completed W1 and W2 and so are now ready for W3. Also don't forget it is not a race, if you do struggle you can always repeat a run. It happens to most people at one time or another. Enjoy your run :)

  • Congrats on completing week 2! My week 2 run 3 is tomorrow and I felt like you on run two so hoping I enjoy tomorrow's run more! Good luck for the rest of the running!

  • Hi futurefit, good luck with that run today (if you've not already done it) thanks for your support...I adjusted my route slightly in the end & I think it helped - there was just a bit more of a walk home after the warm down. There's not much flat here & one of the best bits is a woodland track just beyond my usual half way (my runs had all ended with the last falling at a long incline, so leaving me feeling worn out). My adjustment into the woods meant I could get a better rhythm to my last run :) Now looking forward to week 3...I think!!!

  • Thanks Tikiczocky! Glad you found a better route and that your run went better! Sounds like quite a track with ups and down, I guess that's good to get you use to running on different type terrains but yes can imagine it's a push! Lovely to run in a forest though. My route is totally flat, so could get a shock if I ever go for a run up a hill! My run went so much better today and has left me looking forward to week 3 also. Good luck for week 3! :)

  • Great Futurefit...week 3 here we come!, :D

  • Well done for getting to the end of Week 2. Trust Laura and the programme and you'll get there you'll be fine for Week 3.

  • Well done! You will be fine with week 3, after all, I am sure you were dreading week 2 after week 1!

    I am with you on this one as I completed W2R3 tonight!

    Good luck

  • Thanks all of you for your great support...this community is fab :). I'm feeling less achy today & spurred on by your encouagement, so looking forward to Monday's challenge (weekend off :D)

  • Well done on finishing your week. I have my third run of wk 2 still to do. Still aching so not sure when it'll be. So wk 3 has 3min runs?? Ouch. Nervous now!!

  • Yup sillykat...3 minutes...aaargh! (I shouldn't have read ahead so soon, eh?). Hope your aches go soon. I did some yoga for runners stretches to ease my aches from R2. Just fairly basic stuff that I've done at beginner yoga classes in the past...found on youtube. It really helped relax me (not sure if being tense was my problem more than aches). Good luck with that R3. :)

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