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W6R2 surprised me!

Maybe I'm making some progress after all cause that was not too bad. It's 2 10 min runs separated by a 3 min walk. I did welcome the walk in between but it was just the perfect break and then I felt ready to finish strong - even cranked up my speed for the first 5 mins of the second run. Now I want to go off program and keep doing that pattern though. I think I'm still intimidated by longer runs like my next one which is 25 mins. I did manage the 20 ok last week but it wasn't easy. That little walking break in the middle like i got today makes it so nice, why can't I just have that for a while??? Is that so wrong??

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No, it's not wrong! Know the feeling and in fact my first run after graduation was one with walking breaks.

This is not a competition, most of us are doing this to improve our fitness and it needs to be fun if we want to keep our motivation.

On the other hand the long runs at the end of the program were not as bad as I thought they were going to be and graduating is pretty cool! I still can't believe I went out and did 10 longish runs in a row!

But if you want to take longer to complete the program you do your own thing and move on when you're ready. 😎


I have to be honest, while a lot of people didn't like W6, I really enjoyed it. Just keep it nice and slow and steady on the 25 min run and you will be absolutely fine. Happy running :)


I know what you mean about enjoying the nice walking breaks.

If you want to stay at week 6 for a while this is fine, some people choose to repeat weeks but it's normally because they are not ready to move on but do you really want to give up with the program?

Pushing on through the longer runs does seem scary but the whole point of C25K is to be able to run for 30 minutes, believing in and following the program is what has got you this far. Try not to focus too far ahead, just take each run as it comes and please don't give up, as JaySee says, to graduate is cool.

Plus once you have graduated you can play about with run times and distances to your hearts content.


I agree with hilbean, just keep going but do keep it slow and steady, think snail...

Focus on the now, not the next... remember we chatted in your last post to me, mindfulness... put it into action...It will all follow on perfectly naturally :)


Hi Calliope, I agree its fine to repeat any runs you want to, but don't be scared or put off by the longer runs..

Its usually after the first few minutes of a run that you encounter a tricky bit, but knowing that you can push through this,

and that your breathing then relaxes and you can run on and on is what the program is all about. :)

By all means carry on with the two 10 min runs for a while if you are enjoying them but then have a go at the 25 you may be surprised.

I remember thinking that I would be happy being able to just do 3 x 5 but I really enjoy the satisfaction of a 30 min run and hate having to stop even to cross a road.. :)

Good luck.


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