Goodbye Week 1!

Thank you so much to everyone who gave me so much support starting this. It took me 3 days before I could finish the first day.. and now W1R3 completed and it felt so so easy! (in comparison to when I started).

when I first started the 60 seconds of running I was struggling through and now I am ready to be running for 90 seconds instead.

look out week 2! I'm coming to get you!

Hope you are all well x


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16 Replies

  • That's the attitude!

  • Thank you Rob! I feel very lucky to have found this site. since my husband isn't the most support person and when I said I ran for 8 mins his answer was *is that all* well! I don't care what anyone thinks I'm doing this for me and will soon be running half an hour hehe x

  • It's 8 minutes more than you ran last week so well done!

  • Well done, you!! Unfortunately not everyone can understand or be supportive (someone asked me why I needed to build up to running 5k and told me that I wasn't aiming very high) which is why this forum is brilliant for supportive people who know what you're going through. Good luck with week 2!

  • Thank you Grubby :) a 5k for me (and many) would be a massive achievement. Thank god we have each other here lol x

  • 5K IS a massive achievement, only a tiny percentage of the population can run for 3 miles. I have just been reading that only 1% of adults can run for 1 mile !

  • Well done Nevertoolate! Brilliant perseverance there. 8 minutes is more than most people ever do so go you!

  • Well done Nevertoolate !

    Yes , we all support each other on here, cos everyone " gets" it :-)

    Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Well done you. I am about to start Week 2 tomorrow too. This is an amazing community, I am actually very confident that I will finally crack a 5k. Good luck and thanks for posting. It is so good to know there are so many beginners like me.

  • Week 1 was just over a week ago for me (just finished w2r3). I couldn't believe I struggled with 60 secs, jogging 90 and accomplishing it, you see how far you have gone. Well done. :)

  • I was so glad to read your post. I downloaded the podcast almost a month ago and finally attempted the first run today. I didn't manage it all and although I'm pleased I tried, I was feeling very downhearted. So it's good to hear it's not just me, I will try again, I am determined to get fit before I turn 40 and be able to devote a lot more energy to my little girl. ;)

  • I only managed 14mins on my first go and 22mins on my second go so it took me 3 goes to finish day1! and if my 15st back side can do it anyone can :) I am now looking forward to the 90 second runs after a week of 60seconds so it just shows you how you progress x

  • 2 years ago,I struggled with week 1 and had to lie down for 30 minutes to recover! I was 15 st then, too and well past the wrong side of 50. This program is amazing as it got someone like me running far enough to have completed a half marathon - with more planned. Stick with it. You will be amazed at what you will achieve. :)

  • well done x I have now done W1 R3 but don't yet feel ready for 90 seconds of running so am going to repeat W1 again this week and try for W2 next week.

  • I only did day 1 of week 1 on my third attempt, 5 runs later I flew through it. :) if you feel like you need to do week again it's great that you know your limits and can go at your own pace. good luck I look forward to seeing how you get on x

  • Fabulous positive post! Well done and congratulations on week one. Good luck with week 2 :-)

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