does it count?

Hello all

Does it still count if you are jogging and walkers are keeping up with you? If it does......... then I have just completed my first ever 30 minute run!!!!!

I decided not to bother with Laura (sorry Laura) or music as the different songs kept upsetting my rhythm! I thought lets just go and run and when I looked down at my watch, I realised I had just done 30 minutes.



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12 Replies

  • Well done Stephen, of course it counts.

  • Yep - you just ran for 30 minutes. Congratulations!!! I've seen some super fast speed walkers complete the Parkrun in 35 minutes, which is faster than I did my first 5k in :)

  • Based on my current speed, it would take me just over an hour to do a park run while if I did one using the interval training method it would take be 45 minutes!


  • to dam right it does :D well done :D

  • I graduated 2 months ago and have taken 7 minutes off my 5k time. I really wouldn't worry about speed yet. Your pace will gradually improve bit by bit anyway as your confidence grows in the first few weeks post graduation. I concentrated more on increasing my duration running by about 5 minutes every 2 or 3 runs and the pace improvement just happened. Just enjoy your achievement. 30 minutes non stop running is a fabulous achievement. So close to that graduation run :)

  • Of course it counts ! Well done..

  • Forget the pace, forget the time, you just committed yourself to a full thirty minute run and you nailed it. Counts? Counts? Too damn right It counts! Bring on the next run!

  • Of course it counts, don't worry about your pace!

  • If Anyone was ever to shout ' I can walk faster than that' at me I'm going to shout back 'so can I but that's not quite the point is it?!'

  • Yep - as long as you are running it counts. The speed doesn't matter, although if you keep it up, your speed is likely to improve with time. Well done!

  • Yes it counts (it had better!)... but if you haven't been doing the NHS C25K programme with Laura (OK, it probably doesn't matter if you dumped her for the final week and know you walked 5 minutes before and after a continuous 30 minute run), surely you haven't graduated from that programme? Otherwise we'll have Mo Farah claiming to be a graduate and whatever wonderful things he's achieved he hasn't achieved that!

    There are lots of different ways into running, but the NHS C25K way is special and deserves protection.

  • I do use the apps, but I wanted to give it a go this time without them as my music was spoiling my rhythm and also to be honest I was clock watching with Laura. I wanted to unshackle myself and just go and do it.

    so two more 30 minute runs to go.


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