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Does it still count?!

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My first trip.

I fell over halfway through my run. It was actually 3 minutes into my 8 minute run. It is worse than it looks in this photo as my camera phone has a filter on! My hands are so sore!

I paused the app, took some breaths, got up, stretched my legs, made a decision NOT TO LOOK AT MY KNEE, slowly walked then brisk walked for a minute then once I realised I would be alright and nothing is seriously injured, I carried on.

I finished my run at a slow but steady pace.

Its all about not stopping, not quitting, right? Slow down, but don't stop.

I was worried that this run might not count?

What do you all think?

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I think in those circumstances, yeah I'd crack on. Lasse Viren fell over in the Olympics and no-one said he couldn't have the Gold medal...

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I have fear that if my shoelace comes undone and I have to stop the run won’t count. I think under the circumstances you are fine. Hope it heals up soon.

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Millsie-JGraduate in reply to emma_lynne

Always double tie 👍🏼😀

Thanks guys!

I'm proud of myself for carrying on.

I'm also relieved I haven't seriously injured myself. It's all superficial, very bloody and impressive looking 😂

I got overly cocky before and jogged backwards while calling out to a friend who was further back. Turned back around and run right into a bench. Bloody hurt and ended up with a huge bruise. Well done for keeping going! (It was only my pride that kept me going last time.)

Definitely counts. I fell on my graduation run and no one was going to tell me that didn’t count! Maybe take an extra rest day now though and make sure your knee is ok 🤕

It counts with a bonus point, I’d say. First battle scars, how exciting! 😉

I would say it totally counts. If it was me I would’ve stopped and gone home. I congratulate you on not giving up and I wish u a speedy recovery

My dear, i would say hell yeah, count it!!

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If you want to be legalistic, it counts because your pause was due to an accident and you continued as soon as you safely could. To my mind that’s no different from if your route crossed a road and you stopped to let traffic go past. It was not due to being unable to sustain the run so it counts.

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It counts.Indeed due to the extra effort it probably counts twice.

There are also two aspects to c25k - physical and mental. Not giving up and pushing on is a mental tick, and completing the run albeit a bit slower is also a physical tick.

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Not a runner until you've fallen over, so crack on.

Good for you for continuing on. Keep up the fab work!

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