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Bridge to 10k app? What is best?

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I've signed up to race for life having graduated from couch to 5k a month ago. I've been running about 6k stretching to 6.5k 3 times a week but I want to push myself to do a 10k rave in July. What app do you advise. I. Happy just stretching the distance slowly as once I have the breathing (normally about 10 min in) I find distance is increasingly attainable.

I like having someone in my ear which I find reassuring talking to me every so often giving me times and tips and just company.

Let me know if there is a bridge to 5k app like the one you 5k app which I really liked.

Thanks all


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Wait for ju-ju’s next 10k plan, they are really good and you can join in all the banter/posts exactly like C25K.

It’s not an app, but instructions in advance, the problem with some of the apps is that you end up paying and then finding they don’t suit you. That happened to me - a very shouty man from the USA barked at me like a sergeant major... So then I did my own thing.

Other folk may have favourites though

That’s great work well done!

I’m sure you’ll be able to get 10K ready by July. My motivation is the Race for Life too, good luck!

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Have a look on Bridge to 10k for ju-ju's plan - lots have used it successfully. I bridged from 5 to 10k by gradually increasing one of my three weekly runs (my weekly 'long' run) whilst keeping the other two at 5k. (These shorter runs can be used for 'speed play'😮 or hills 😫if you like). Just remember the 10% rule that says you should not increase your weekly total by more than 10%. I found that some weeks I increased and then I would consolidate by repeating the same distance the following week. Listen to your body and I'm sure you will be fine - 10k is a fab distance to run! Good luck!🙂

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FatflabtofitfabGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Didn't know that about the 10percent

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Sandraj39Graduate in reply to Fatflabtofitfab

Have a look at this

..good site for all sorts of info, too! Good luck.

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