Day1 Week1

I did it all....but my knees ached a lot...I have bought some knee supports for next time and some ankle supports too - with the sports bra and new running shoes - kinda feel like robo cop, but at 45, about to enter the next phase of my life in a new relationship, kids leaving home and preparing for being a grandma in the next 5 years or so - i want to be able to enjoy life and not be held back by negative body image issue which I have fought against all my life - stopped smoking 10 years ago - so anything must be easier than that - would like to lose about 21 pounds too - advice, encouragement, tips etc all welcome :)


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  • Honestly, you won't believe the progress you will make!

    This thing is a total game changer for me.

    The gradual increases just make me feel more motivated every week.

    You go steady with the knees, if you need to take extra rest days then do it rather than forcing yourself and making a problem worse.

    I've started doing some yoga on my rest days to strengthen myself up which I'm hoping will put me in a super good position for the longer runs ahead.

    Tip- this forum is amazing when you need a pick me up or encouragement.

  • Thanks Onion :P

  • Hi! Well done for doing the first run and that list of upcoming events sounds well worth the effort. I'm a 46-year-old mum of three, and I started C25K in February to get myself healthy, and brush up a more positive self-image too. And if I can do it, I assure you that anyone can.

    A sports bra and a good pair of trainers are necessary basics. Your knees won't hurt for long - they just need to get their heads around being used for sport again ;) Take it gently, and you'll see that they'll soon shape up. I started by walking 5K every day for a month before tackling the first run, and my knees hurt for the first two weeks. Now they've toughened up - real GI's compared to the wimps they were in January. Watch out, this thing is addictive!

  • Yes, I have 3 children too! even after the first run I can feel a difference.....I hope it does become an addiction!

  • Knee pain can be muscular from tight neglected leg muscles. It's probably worth finding out where the pain is coming from before using supports as the can sometimes do more harm than good or stop the correct parts strengthening. I am on week 2 and am getting knee pain but osteopath confirmed it's only muscular so I know I am not doing joint damage now. Keep going, it feels good!

  • That's a good point - will keep that in mind and mention it to my GP when I am next there - Thanks!

  • There are some strengthening exercises you can do - just google them or search this forum as there are loads of links. You're right to be cautious with your knees - take extra rest days as necessary as in the beginning they do take a bit of a pounding, and run on grass if you can for the first few weeks.

  • Good idea! thank you :)

  • Hi. Well done you! I started in January and I'm 56 and was no runner at all. I can now run 5k which is pretty unbelievable for me. You can do it. Stick to the plan and get it into a routine with your lifestyle that fits comfortably for you. Don't worry if things and stuff crop up, they will do of course, that's life. So you might have to re do a week just to bring you back up to speed if you feel you need to. But that's OK. Its not a race! You're doing it for you. Its your time and its your thing. You will do it! Congratulations for starting the plan and well done again for your first run. Keep at it and enjoy it :-)

  • Thanks for that! very motivating :) Yes it is for me - it's about time!! :D

  • Well done on making a start. I started in January as a 58 year old who hadn't run for over 20 years. I wasn't completely new to exercise but the idea of running 5k seemed daunting. I found the programme very straight forward, the key being going slowly, focusing on time rather than speed or distance. I couldn't run 5k when I graduated, but I can now. Try to keep to a routine but don't beat yourself up if you have issues on a particular run. It will make you feel better, it will tone you up, you may lose some weight gradually. I hope you persevere and wish you all the best. Do keep posting, the support on this forum makes a huge difference. Any problem you have, someone will have experienced before and will be able yo help.

  • Thank you Coddfish :) i used a site like this to stop smoking 10 years ago - and still a non smoker - the peer support is invaluable! WK1R2 today!!

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