Kinesio tape,your thoughts plz?or time to give up?

Hi runners ,anyone else tried kinesiology tape for a wonky knee, I think it's patella maltracking probably brought on by a misaligned pelvis,still having treatment by osteopath currently....doing knee strengthening exercises recently past 8 weeks but I really feel like they not improving things ,and squats and some others def agitating my knee instead of helping so just stopped quite a few of the exercises and doing the easier ones!

Been running over 2 years but constant knee and now back problems also so training nvr really gets going...

I did my first parkrun in months yesterday with both knees strapped up with kt tape and it really felt stable and I was able to complete ok.had lost some fitness but was delighted with myself,already planning 10ks and getting carried away with myself.

Just wondering if it was a fluke,or if the kinesiology tape will further weaken all my muscles further as I used to run with knee supports constantly but can't even do that now as they hurt me too :(

Don't want to wreck these knees for life but really don't want to give up running...

Kinesiology tape is like my last chance saloon before I might have to decide to give up for good and I will be devastated!!! ๐Ÿ˜“


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  • Hi, I have the same problem , except mine seems to be caused by in balance in quads , sounds like I am doing similar exercises etc . I had KT tape for the 1st week but cant say whether it really made any difference or not , my physio says it works for some and not for others .. if it works for you then go with it :D

    It is a fine line between running through an injury and a more prolonged injury, just be careful :D

  • I know cause my knee and back problems have started affecting my work too so am really frightened to cross that line thx for advice !!!

  • I use it on my ankle where I have had niggles and find because it is so flexible (where tubigrip would not be) that I do not really notice it, but I think it gives me confidence that it is providing a bit of support. I don't think it would really lead to muscle weakness.

    Have you tried patella support which straps below the knee - someone at my running club tried it a couple of weeks ago and said it made a difference - stops patella overmoving.

  • Bought expensive open knee patella support but find it very cumbersome and then have niggles at back of knee with it which is why the tape appeals more as it doesn't go there, thx for your advice :)

  • My knee problems were a symptom of an excessive drop of my left hip and kinesio tape has definitely helped me.

    With that said, there is a big difference between the tape applied by the physio (which lasts about 5 days) and when I have to do it myself.

  • Thx have never had it done by physio,just watching u tube clips and is only lasting a day or two at most

  • I have similar knees. Insoles from the podiatrist have helped realign things. Might be another avenue to explore.

  • Thx have considered these but not sure I cope cope with inserts in my trainers,and am trying to run more mid/fore foot now so would u still need them

  • I've found they really help to realign things. I use them all the time (not just in my running shoes) so one of my criteria when buying shoes to to make sure they work with the insoles (which usually means removing the shoes built-in insole and replacing them with mine.) I do a trying on session like this, so I try to go when the shop is not busy. (Shops that won't let me do this do not get my custom.) This probably sounds a bit precious but after having had constant foot and knee pain for several years I am finally mostly pain free, so I've got fussy. My running shoes are nothing expensive - Decathon's own. I explained what I needed to do to the person on duty and he was quite happy to let me get on with it.

  • Go decathlon! Running shops should have tester pairs where u can run a few miles outside in them otherwise how would u know!

    Are your orthotics custom made or shop bought? Thx

  • I think it is a bit of lottery but would you be able to get a referral to an NHS physio?

    I wasn't and had to pay for mine but I have to say that what he did and the advice he gave was absolutely top notch. As well as the diagnosis of the dropping hip, the tape to keep my knees tracking correctly I was told I needed shoes with a lower drop. From day 1 these changes have worked wonders. The advice I was given came after a full blown bio-mechanical analysis.

    The two visits (one more scheduled) were not cheap but I have seen that several people on this forum have been referred by a GP.

  • Have been referred over 3 months ago.....still waiting so throwing money privately too,last guy was ยฃ60 an hour!!! #broke

  • I see. That doesn't sound too good.

    Not really sure what to say. I think it was Rob (and his Westie) who said that self-applied KT tape worked just fine for him so, if it feels OK for you then I would continue with it.

  • Yeah I'll give it another go on Tuesday night n see.....๐Ÿ˜ cheers dunder!!

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