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W5R3 done - thank you

Thank to everyone who responded to my last post where I was worrying about my first 20 minute run. Just wanted to let you know I did it,😜. Your positive comments and advice about just going slowly were a great help. The first 6 or 7 minutes were the hardest but I can honestly say that after 10 minutes I got into a good rhythm and could probably have gone for longer. I am so pleased, I am 49 and have never been able to run for 20 minutes straight in my whole life. Thank you.

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Well done - just keep telling yourself you can do it! The return to intervals in w6 catches some people out, so keep being positive.☺ I remember w6 being the toughest for me but it is now a distant memory after graduating last October. Just keep a steady pace, slow up if it feels tough and most importantly ignore any gremlins☺


Well done! I was also worried about week5,run 3 but did it! I have now just finished week 6 and couldn't believe I ran for 25mins. Keep going......


Well done getupandgo, you did it thats fantastic. :) Sounds like your body is starting to accept that you are gonna do this now and your breathing is regulating.. :).

More of the same....

Good luck with week 6 you are doing so well. :) :)🏃


Well done - keep it up and keep posting your progress to inspire everyone else


That's great to hear. I'm due to do week 5 run 3 on Tuesday and I'm quite scared! Well done to you - success stories encourage the rest of us that it is possible.

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Just go slowly, it gets easier as you go along. At the beginning I really thought it may be too much but told myself I could definitely get to 8 minutes as I'd done that before, at 10 minutes I thought well I'm half way and I don't want to respeat this run so I'm going to keep going, at 15 minutes I felt fine and there was absolutely no way I was going to stop having got that far! It's what everyone says, it's all in the mind! Good luck 🙂


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