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W5R3 done ! 10 feet tall !


Today I managed Week 5 run 3. Was pretty worried about it, as I felt the jump to a 20 min continuous run was a big one ! partly got through it as I'd read posts here that talked about the training was designed to build up to this, and therefore totally possible to do.

Done it !! When I think about when I started this, and I could only run in 20 second bursts, then I've come a long way !!!

Decided to stick to my normal route, rather than a new one, and it worked fine.

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That's amazing well done I feel inspired 😁


A lovely run to get done, well done. It's an amazing programme isn't it x :-)


Well done! That's another run ticked off

Week 6 up next. Go steady with this. Slow but sure has to be the motto here.

Good luck. Enjoy yourself!


There you go...you are getting fitter as if by magic...well done on this major milestone and hope you enjoy the rest of the programme.


Brilliant! The good feeling will hopefully last for weeks . Jst look at it as the day you proved to yourself that you can run! Well done


Well done IslandRunner. That's a milestone run under your belt.

Enjoy the rest of the programme and keep us informed how you are doing.

Congratulations - I remember that run well - couldn't stop grinning. You can't actually believe that you are able to run for that long.....good luck with Week 6 - just keep it slow and steady and you will do great :0)


Good job!

Well done! That's a real big tick in the box and should give you some real confidence for the rest of the programme. Slow and steady though, don't get carried away. There's plenty of time for speedier stuff later.


Well done you! I am so jealous, because that's the run that stumped me. Keep going and never stop believing in yourself,

Thanks for sharing! I just finished W2 yesterday and can't wait to feel 10 ft tall like you in a few more weeks!


Well done you. I'm on week 4 at the mo. Feeling slightly nervous about next week! You've done amazing, very inspiring to hear how it went for you, thanks for sharing x

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