First 10k (almost)

First 10k (almost)

When I set out on this crazy crusade back in January, it was with the goal of running the Watford 10k. Well that is now on 5 days away 😱

Well, for one reason and another it's fair to say the training plan hasn't been 'text book'; I graduated las month and have done a couple of parkruns but pavement time has been lacking and when I have been out I've not got past 7k

Tried a couple of 'bridge to 10k' apps but not really got on with them so last night I went out with the intention of proving one way or another if I could do this or was I just kidding myself

Now, firstly the disclaimer: As many much more experienced runners on her will tell you this IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY to do this.

But, with Runkeeper set to do 4x 2km intervals with 90secs in between I set out.

And do you know what, I really enjoyed it! In the end I ran 9.51km in 1:12:10. I know it breaks the "never increase distance by >10% of your last run and it probably wasn't the smartest idea to push myself like this 5 days before the event but it really was starting to worry me that I am biting off too much.

So if anyone has any tips for a 10k newbie then I'd appreciate it

Otherwise, expect to see a post (with bling) on Tuesday - will be too busy celebrating Watford FCs promotion to the Premier League on Monday afternoon 😜


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  • Well, first off, it's not 'don't increase distance > 10% of your last run', it's 'don't increase weekly distance > than 10 of previous week', so if you did two 5ks and a 7 last week, that would be 1.7k increase.

    Secondly, if you did it and survived and aren't hobbling like John Wayne,then its within your capabilities. You now have the confidence to know you can do the distance and that will outweigh any fatigue on your legs. So well done. The right way to do it, or anything, is the way that works for you.

    If you have 5 days left, I probably wouldn't do another 10k between now and then though. In fact I'd suggest having a couple of days rest to let your legs recover from the extra mileage, then a comfortable pace 5k on Friday and rest again Saturday. Rememebr to stretch. Hydrate well ahead of time - that means Friday and Saturday lots of water and lay off the Jaegerbombs. Don't worry about carb loading or any of that guff - it's only an hours running, you don't need to do anything special to prepare for it other than be rested, relaxed, hydrated and confident.

    On race day, usual stuff. Make sure you warm up well beforehand. Have breakfast and 500ml of water an hour before but remember to have a wee before the off. Don't go out too fast. It is all to easy to find yourself running at the pace of those around you without realising it is faster than you usually go. Take walk breaks if you need them but try to get back running as soon as you can. Have fun.

  • Good Luck CP! Another few weeks 'till my 10k so I'll be interested to hear how it goes for you.

    Thanks Rignold for the the tips.

  • Rig covered everything there CP so all that i would add is have a great time. You'll be fine☺

    Well done on your team's promotion! My team is in the play-offs for the Championship having gone up to league on last year ☺

  • Hi, For the race I think there are three general pieces of advice for the new racer. Firstly, make sure you warm up. A light jog will do. I typically run a couple of hundred metres then stop for a minute and repeat a couple of times....and never stretch cold muscles until you've done that jog. Secondly, start at the back. There will most likely be some folks at the front who will go round in 32 minutes or so. Concentrate on your own race and let them go. If it's a multi lap race, just marvel at them as they inevitably lap you, but don't get disheartened, just keep your ears open and let them through. Finally, no matter how tempting, don't go off too fast. it's very easy to head off like a rocket and regret it later in the run.

    One thing that I learned for myself: the way to a good time is to latch on to someone slightly quicker than you and follow them. That might not be your priority this time, but next time, you'll have a PB to beat - think of that!

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