first 10k + on my lonesome! :)

first 10k + on my lonesome! :)

Haven't attempted any 10k runs since my Bournemouth 10k race so decided today was the day! set off at 7.30 am to the seafront armed with jellybeans and music! Aiming to Yaverland and back which with a bit of an extra stretch=10k! my 1st 2 10ks were with OH pre race and 3rd one with the crowds egging me on, so was interested to see how i would fare, as my last few weeks have been 5k parkrun on Sat, 7k running club on Tues, and whatever i can manage on thursdays! :X

set off with the rockmyrun mix of rockmystride 70/80s/90s s tunes, gloria gaynor, micheal jackson, bit of bon jovi and various other gleeful tunes to keep me going! :) saw LOTS of of other joggers, dogwalkers and people just out for an early stroll, most of them said hello though there was the odd SERIOUS runnner who just blanked me! :( Halfway point and the runner infront was heading up the coastal path on the grass, i half-considered following but decided that hill can wait til another time! so around i went on the homeward stretch, already feeling worn out! 45mins up on the music and still a way to go and the tunes ran out.... and the next thing on download was c25k+ speed podcast(only done this once before) so thought well i'll give it a go and see how i fare! not sure i kept 100% in time with the beat but completed that podcast and then just a little bit further to go! Decided to try and make this a little longer and managed to get to 10.5k so my longest run to date(i'm not doing that well at distance progression but am seeing improvement overall!) was VERY knackered! and my legs felt all disconnected to my body for a minute or two! The sun was just coming out though and on the sparkly sea looked very pretty! :)

it was my last day on one of my 2 jobs today so felt a bit sad to be leaving it after 10yrs, but things have changed alot so i'm on to pastures new tomorrow! still have my 2nd job in original place of work so will still see lots of workmates although alot of them have left in past few months due to new 0hr contact conditions :( Anyway those of us left had cappucinos and cake when i finished my shift, and then thats it - all change! My old workmate (who i worked with for 8yrs) organised a few old staff to come in and a couple of regular customers turned up so that was nice! atleast i had burnt off 900 cals this morning!

Stats were 1hr 9 mins running, average of 6.35a km, and a 2nd fastest 10k of 1hr 5 mins, so pleased with that overall.

* forgot to take a photo, so here is a picture of some of the route on a sunnier day, thats my view at the turnaround halfway point!

happy running everyone! :)


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17 Replies

  • Hi Ali

    I ran a 10 k but it was dark and I had no lovely scenery like yours. That looks a beautiful spot to be running in! I was listening to Gloria Gaynor on the radio this evening, "You got the Love", it's a belter innit. I think that's one for my mp3 player. It's good when the Speed podcast pops up as it does give you a boost and gets you moving again.

    Sorry to hear about your job but as one door closes another one opens.

  • Like a bit of retro music! :) yes new job is what I need I think so its come along at the right time, short shifts but I'm going to do more craft work with rest of day (in theory) and get motivated! Plusno parking in new job and cant use old staff car park now so extra 40 mins walk a day from dads will keep me fit, george dog goes there while I'm at work! :)

    Ps getting to like the speed podcast in a way! :)

  • Thankkittykat, nice to see you back! Yes glad I went out yesterday, will have to aim for 11 next time but couldn't get there ! New adventurs willbe good :)

  • Hi Ali, a great run and a great time! Hope the new job goes well for you and yes keep up the craftwork! Your medal work is fab! :-D

  • Thankyou, I had fun making my 1st medal, :)

  • Well done. That's very inspirational. Good luck with your new job. And fab picci btw!

  • Thanks toonlou,! All change! Still tired from yesterday!

  • What a fab run, well done you... And good luck with your new job :)

  • Thanks juicyju! Im getting there! :)

  • Great photo Ali and Well done on a brilliant run ! Good luck with your new job Ali, I hope everything works out for you .

    You are a very talented lady judging by the medal you did for Miss W. Keep it up ! :-) xxx

  • Aah poppy, thankyou ! Nota bad run but was certainly tired after!

    I just love making things and got my letter stamps on ebay last year, it was my longest bit of text ever so far ! I'm glad miss wobble liked it, she did so well and deserved something bling! Nice bosses at new job, and its busy so time flies and I can go do other crafy stuff after, plus my craft shop job 2 days a week, so should make for a varied time! :) ps still have pug photo for you! :)

  • Oh yes , do you want me to PM you with my email address ? , sorry I didn't realise you couldn't send it as a PM , Im a complete potato head :-) I will do that now

    Glad you enjoyed your first day, and that your bosses are nice. Fab stuff ! :-) xxx

  • You will love the photo as long as you appreciate a pug in a costume! :)

  • Oh that looks beautiful and I can't think of a better way to tackle what sounds like big portion of life change. Hope it all works out better than ever.

    Haven't done 10k since starting this c25k, but if I could achieve 10k in that time, ever, I would be so thrilled. Congratulations Aliboo. :)

  • Thanks slookie thats kind of you, its very pretty and only a mile or two away! :)

    Hoping a change is what I need to keep sane, along with the running ! I'm still amazed I can run for over an hr, would never have believed it this time last yr! :)

  • Goodness Ali, it's all happening in your life at the moment. Off with the old and on with the new. Really hope your new job is everything you could wish for and that you get loads for time for your craft work. The medal you made for MissW is amazing. That run looks pretty amazing too :)

  • New job is very busy but short shifts and time for other stuff hopefully, also Saturday shifts have time for parkrun 1st I think, with shower and breakfast allowance ! Will mean more weekend work and a tight schedule but overall hope it will bebetter and I have a bit more funds in general! :) trying todo1 long run a week from now on! Thanks for wishing me well :)

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